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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Aztec University: Star Measures

This set came from the wall murals of Atetelco
in Teotihuacan

At the University of Teotihuacan, DF. one can study astronomy and probably a form of physics.
This lesson .appears to have three aspects.  Finding the stars in the sky, then measuring them on the ground.  The second and third (B and C) are similar to the layout on the ground at Beijing  Observatory, China. However, I believe their version was only to measure the daylight hours during the seasons.

These two have more of an affinity for the version in Japur Observatory in India.  The double pool at one end with measuring markings. Were these lessons for the pre-comet fall-out, or was it for the post-comet event displayed on the Aztec Calendar Stone.  So many polities make a small lesson plan into a greater lesson to learn.

The professors at Teotihuacan are displayed on the walls of other buildings. Their speech scrolls tell the students what is to be studied in their classes.

Astro-Physics was just one of many classes given in this university system.Not only finding the stars in the sky, but also measuring them on land with specific measuring pools and long markess sumilar to those found at the Observatory at Jaipur, India..

Lessons such as Astronomy, not only to locate stars, 
but also to measure them to the ground in pools of water
 similar to Jaipur, India. Their experts were also designated to teach.

From tracing was by Saburo Sugiyama of
the University of Arizona
The icon has a dog with a tassel, star firm in his headdress, the Tlaloc eyeware and knives not feathers on his outfit, he may be explaining the "rain of resin" or of "turpentine," explained in the Popol Vuh of the Maya.  The Tlaloc eyeware, is to illustrate his knowledge of the Owl Lady in the center of the mural whois pouring out knowledge from her fingertips.

West Wall: Storm God with single fang in mouth.
He carries a lightning bolt in right hand, plant forms in left,
raindrops from flower neckpiece.
The two above, both have multiple
star forms on the their headdresses and clothing.
Speech scrolls seems to illustrate stars and shells.
with plenty. if sand in scrolls,
Walking to check Night Beach erosion, maybe?
Possibilities are all described as iconic jobs on the wall murals.. The destruction was extensive. and only guesswork is possible., except for the 31 or so employment illustrations themselves. Surgery, a nserious need in a land where Machetes were used to clear land for agriculture. Doctors were needed just like any city. Botanical medicines were dispensed by university trained professor/physicians. If you want to call them Shamans, that is perfecctly all right. As long as their education was to cure people.
Emergency Surgery and Medicines

On the other hand, without clean water, people living in a water-based city would have a very serious problem. Night soils and trash were collected daily; aqueducts were built to bring fresh water into the area. It was essential that the water for lake cities be kept clean and flowing normally. No hidden standing puddles for mosquitoes. Agents were trained to test the water and make sure it was potable.
Potable Fresh Water for the City

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