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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Mysterious Dresden Tables

Fig. 01a: Gates D-47
Fig. 01b: Forstemann D-47

   The Dresden Codex is a ancient codice that  has glyphs that are difficult to make out due to deterioration and coloration of the original. There are some copies that were made earlier that appear to correct several areas of importance [Fig. 01]  and for the Planet Tables: Venus [Fig. 02] and Mars,

    There seems to be an never-ending attempt to explain the mathematical discrepancies found there,. Each version supposedly better than the first, second, and later version. However, there is a story line that is obvious in the Dresden Codex.  As a result of not being able to read the glyphs, except in very general terminology, none of the discrepancies found in the Codex have been properly solved, but only fhrough very complex tables and graphs that was probably never an option to the original authors of the Codex.

     Here are two versions of the Dresden Codex, specifically page 47, (Fig. 1a-1b). It does not seem to have any earthly ruler, or realm in its content. Earlier pages only give long pages about good things and bad things in relation to dates and/or numbers, so part of the Dresden is probably a text used by ancient sorcerers or by who still claim to know the future.
      It seems that although many people have attempted to approach the problem with mathematics first. The second option—the glyphs—have been translated, but in single units without any real context or connection to any other glyphs. The gods, naturally, are the most prevalent translation. When there is a question as to what is being done and by whom, it can be nothing more than a primitive expression of a native "god." And as to the square faced "god" falling from a sky that contains both a sun and a lunar eclipse: We'll, that is a "god" indeed.

      Except one author along the way decided it was the Planet Venus who was at war in the sky. His name was Immanuel Velikovsky. He decided that the planet Mars and the Planet Venus had such a battle that the world was involved somehow.  In his excitement in finding the story of Aphrodite and Mars in a net of gold [or bronze, as another myth states] he forgot his basic astronomical facts. The most important being that Mars and Venus, as planets have specific orbits that are completely separated by another "minor" planet call Earth. So a sky battle could have occurred but not with these two planets as adversaries.

     The "golden net" is part of the story line known around the worl*d,  even in the Meso-american world. But those bits of mythic information is ignored. The  "true but modern" Meso-american skies are used as the only source of the Cental American tales of wonder.

      Hence, all calculations about the supposed sky battle are using information that has never been valid sfor the simple reason no one, except Mary Miller and Karl Taube, have ever used any ancient information about such turmoil, even though it was the same event. But that is an item not valid for this problem since these authors study Aztec astronomy in the volcanic range surrounding Lake Texoco and not in the Maya lowlands.

      One of the Dresden pages that are essential to the Venus Tables is found below as page D-58.
Fig. 02a Gates D-58
Fig. 02b: Forstemann D-58
     The pages where the discrepancy occur are not listed here. They occur in Gates D-51a-b; and Gates D-52a-b. and ass the same page numbers in the Forstermann version.
     Linda Schele determined the 12 Lamat was the origin of the mathematical problem. She noted that problem had been corrected for the Dresden version she produced with Floyd Lounsbury's help during the 1997 workshop. [1] The actual "dn at the 6th interval has 6.0 too much and the 31st interval has 13.0 too much." [2]

     Such detail is not the purpose of this Blog since I am not a mathematician nor do I make any attempt to explain the cycles of either planet, Mars and Venus. All I know at the present time is that the planet Venus has or had a specific cycle of 8-years each year being precisely detailed until the ninth year when the 8-cycles begin again. What does it mean? I have no idea.

      What I do know, is that with all the corrections done over the past 25 or so years, no one yet has come up with the solution that is irrefutably correct.  There is always someone else who tries again to re-calculate the information to make it better.

       With the pictures that I presented in this section of the blog, there are two elements that show up clearly. the first being the birth of the Twins, Hunahpú and Xbalenqué in the zone of the Death God, [Figs. 01a - 01b] which would be the west where the dead are.[and the dead father of the Twins hang in a tree]. In the other page, a single man/god falls from the sky [Figs. 03-04], who seems to be the Xolotl figure that relates to the Quetzalcoatl comet. in the Aztec tales, Xolotl was he who sacrificed himself and fell from the sky to his death, so that the Sun God would live.

This Aztec version does not negate the journey of Hunahpú and Xbalenqué from the zone of the Death God, It was just another viewpoint of the same event. The Maya and the Mixtec chose to emphasize the arrival of the "extra" 400 stars in the sky as the "broken tree." The Maya specifically say that the Twins were born, from the spittle-sperm of the dead father's skull hanging from the tree in the land of the dead [i.e.: in the West].

       The number "four hundred: in all of the Meso-american area means, not "exactly 400," but instead "a great multitude [of stars] without a count." The Maya also determined that the Sun was born in the West, not the East.  It [the Sun] had appeared "as if [the Sun] had placed a mirror in the middle of the sky" [at High Noon] and actually had turned around at that point and returned to the East  from which it came.

     Of course, it is impossible that the sun would suddenly stop in the middle of the day to turn around and return to the Ea. To call this event the Planet Venus, for want of a better explanation, is just as impossible, since the planet Venus is never seen in broad daylight making it very improbable that it was seen at "High Noon as a mirror in the middle of the sky." Nor is it possible for the Planet Venus to drop out of its own orbit to enter the orbit of our Earth.

My question is: What if it was a completely different kind of battle in the sky? What ith its own trajectory across the heavens that can be traced from its original source to its final conflict with an actual star recorded by the Maya from its birth to its final destruction that us a tual,y recorded on a Mixtec map of Apuala and Tilantango?

That just happened to occur at a time when the Twins, Hunahpú and Xbalenqué, were passing by as the double comet that passed through the mouth of the dead father.. The Maya not only recorded the death of the star the Twins encountered on their way to Earth, but also the deaths of the various tribes who were affected by the arrival of the Twins and/or were wiped out in the disaster described by MIller and Taube as Tlaltecuhtli, a goddess [3] very different from the Twins. It was seen differently by the Aztec star gazers and recorded as a completely different story from their point of view in the bowl of the volcanoes.

    We have to stop guessing at the numbers and do the calculations that the Maya used, as was shown in the Serpent Pages of the Madrid Codex. True, the calendar, that was adjusted to fit the Gregorian Calendar of 52 weeks failed, but at least it demonstrated the Maya method of counting their days without the new months designed by the Gregorian.

They are much more accurate than the computer. Mostly since no computer has yet been able to trace a star from its birth to its death as a nova, as the Mitex did on their map nor how the Maya did in their Popol Vuh.
  [1]  Schele, Linda, (1997, 140) Notebook for the XXIst Maya Hieroglyphic Workshop, March 8-9, 1997, [with the University of Texas at Austin Departments of:] Art and Art History, The College of FIne Arts, and the Institute of the Latin American Studies. regarding D-24.

 [2]   Ibid, pp 169 & p. 173.

 [3]   Miller, Mary and Taube, Karl (1993, 167) New York, New York: Thames and Hudson, Inc.,  Tlaltecuhtli, a blue goddess who was torn apart and dropped on earth, It is  good description of the Moon Disk found earlier when the Metro was being built in 1978. (Beam, A, et al, In Newsweek, page 97?