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Sunday, July 12, 2015

An Approved Star Map of the Catastrophe

Trouble in The Sky
Stela 22 at Izapa:
The Square-Nose Beastie on top of the Roof of the Sky.
Athough the above  is a glphic "map" it is not considered to be a historical one. It does  apear that a lot is going on in the skies over Izapa, in Chiapas, Mexico. What did the Square-Nose Beastie have to so with it?
There he sits on the sky top with his nose awry and his square eye.

Well, for one, he "ate the stars of the Milky Way" and made a path for the bees to attack the humans on earth. There are star-creatures in the "water" under the serpent-held-up "boat."

It would be great if we had a map of the event; or at least a visual portrayal of the event. But first we have to know from where the threat came to our earth. Then it would produce a sort of a time-line if the dates with no month names could ever become a good reference point.

View below is the direction the event came from. If the god is the Death God, then it must be from the Land of Dead in the west.
Dresden -b Venus glph emerhing
From the death headdress with bells
Dresden-c: Venus glyph Man
from Sun and Moon Eclipse
View to the right [or below] tells us it is a special sky event that had eclipsed both sun and the moon.

There is a person in the Bodley Codex of the Mixtecs, who traveled below the Equator. His name was Three Dog.
Bodley Codice: 26-I Rght
He arrived at the Observatory on Sandy River.
Bodley Codex:  25-II Left
His name was Three Dog. His parents sent him south to learn about astronomy so the kingdom would be safe under the guidance of the gods.  Except for a few encounters in the Bodley, very little is known about him.
Bodley Codex: 4-II
There is one item that does stand out about the country: Two splitting mountains appear side by side. Each has a different year glyph beside it. One is dark and the other seems to be lighter.

There is a copy of a map of the Mixtec area to be found on blog March 23, 2013. One particular area that has been mentioned in text was thought to be an old area of Apuala called Lotepec. East was at the top as a brilliant flaming sun on the left side of the arc that supposedly indicated the lost puebla.  
Map of Tezacoalco and Apuala. Oxaca
Benson Library at the University of Texas at Austin.
Yes, the sun is there but, if it came from the Northwest, it has to be a comet with the cradle of its birth immediately below it.

Next to it seems to be the constellation Cancer, then Gemini. The Broken Tree of the Milky Way is next with a very bright star to the right if it, called Vega. A small beehive is underneath it, i.e.: Ophiuchus.

A serpent (a very dead Draco) is wrapped around a new tree rising behind a god or a constellation called Orion.

Next to what might be the decapitated head of Draco is a glyph called Three Dog. In front of it ia an axe hanging above a mountain to be split in half.

Modern geology in 1964 has identified a "Shear" separation between Popocatepetl and Ixtacuhuat, the two best-known volcanoes of Central Mexico, that extends from the Puerto Rican Trench in the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Baja Calfornia.

The round map that the star arc is attached to contains the nsme of the astronomer-cartographer, Three Dog. Both the central circular area and the star arc above it were officially approved by Church censors.

Therefore, in site of the mis-information given about the sky chart, both the land map and the sky chart are in the official map corpus of Mexico.

So we have one of the earlest historical sky charts of Mexico that agrees with the Bodley Codex.  Who ever put it on top of the Apuala map wanted us to know the specific dates involved in the splitting of the land. With the new calendar calculations to be presented in this blog. Maybe the true date of the catastrophe can finally be known