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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Great Star

From:   IMS_2012_05.jpg
      The Great Star, mentioned by Sahagún, has been illustrated various times on different codices, monuments and stelae as a central star with four smaller stars attached around it.  In this particular illustration just recently discovered with the oldest jaguar representation, has that star image located at the neck of the jaguar. The Jaguar here, then, is the Jaguar of the night sky, as is the deer. Are they battling?
[See below for D-58: the Dresden version of the four pointed star.]

      At first, I thought that the animal underneath probably was the constellation Scorpio, but when I cleared out the red and put a little more contrast to the lines, it is a deer,  similar to Praja Pata, as the seated God of the deer-like animals in India .
Codex Ríos

     It is in the Codex Ríos, where the mother/father entities are seated in a cave, that dead dear heads are flying in a great wind all around the sky with live monkeys, as Quetzalcoatl with half of a "venus" glyph surrounding his head, soars over all with a scythe in one hand and a feather (Fire) fan in the other, a sky disaster in process.  The two entities in the cave (one of many caves in the mesoamerican areaa and around the world) are the survivors who had listened to the astronomers when the first "knife-like" flame shot out from the Great Star.
A Bi-Polar jet, having the appearance of a sky knife.
     Modern astronomers call the "knife-like" flame a bi-polar jet; in indicator of an imminent explosion within the star itself. The astronomers have seen this action in a star or two and are aware of what occurred, but not always how it began, nor how it will end. Much astronomic information is inferred by compiling various stars in other galaxies, hoping that they have recorded the proper sequence, but not absolutely sure of the age distance between the stars to which they are referring.

     The four sided star is used as the head of a man falling from a tree (probably (in the Milky Way, indicated as seen over the ocean-waters berneath the tree) with a double "venus" glyph as his background; the four corners very similar to the Great Star with four smaller stars around it.
D-58: Dresden Codex

descended the star,
13 years;  
[MN: 13 weeks of each season ?]
damage to the seats; 
[MN: of the stars, inferring a zodiac change in the sky.]
damage to the throne lords; 
[MN: constellations; new ones appeared]
eclipse of the sun;
eclipse of the moon;
One Sky Bearded Lord
One k’atun ???   
(Linda Schele, Maya Workbook,1994)
[MN: = My Note on the phrases.
Linda was correct in most translations!)

N-09, Nuttall Codex
      All of these pictures relate to the sky, not to the gods, but to the stars.  There are many more, both in the Codices and on the monuments, The stories about them are multiple, but they are mis-understood every day with every new research documentation.