Conflicting Essays in scholarship which have been the most engaging research job I have ever done. I have also added, over the years, queries about our "dated" geology with their "computerized" confirmations together with climate changes denied since 1963. The Ten-O'clock News have been telling us to change our clocks for DSL and back again BUT no one as noticed it has been changed, more than a few years ago, from March 31 and October 31, to a week or so earlier or even a week or so later.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tuesday: The Track gets more complex.

From: Nicholson, I. (None). Mexican and Central American Mythology. 
New York: Paul Hamlyn. p. 30.

The Great Migration westward disappeared in history because "there was no knowledge of the New World before Columbus discovered it." The interesting thing about it all is that there are multiple records about this migration westward, some in Traditional Lore, some in Mythic Tales of impossible feats of heroes in different lands, and a very similar appearances of "Granddaughters of the Sun" in various government takeovers on the Eurasian and African continents.

Recently, there has been a renewal of comparisons between pyramids in the New World and those in the "Old." But that is getting ahead of the process of tracking this research project.
Dropping out of the Aztec/Maya world (I thought) for almost twenty years, I explored Latin and Greeks texts. I took a seminar course with one Greek professor, who seemed to understand my research style, and he insisted that I take Arabic Philosophy as a companion course to what he offered and he would grade me, based on the Philosophy course. I insisted on doing small research projects through his course also.

What happened, was I received two grades for the two classes and was pleased about that. The Philosophy course led me to investigate other languages, one of which consisted of ancient Chinese characters. The more important aspect of Philosophy led to the stars which actually referred to one or more Chinese characters, thus not very important in the main research project. However, the Chinese investigation did turn up information about the Muslims in China during the VIII century AD and produced two monuments of Xian that contained an apology on the back of each that referred to a star disaster that necessitated living in caves. This also, was filed away in my notes with no apparent connection to anywhere except the stars from an unknown time and an unknown event.

(To be Continued)