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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Two Gods with Many Names

From: dea urquidi <>

Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2016

Sahagun, in the Florentine Codex, has some neat double talk about the gods.
And what he did with El Toro in BK VII - Chapter III is really great. He gave more
info about the constellation (not Taurus), also Quetzalcoatl and that “he was no
Fool." Another set of gods with all ltheir different names are as follows:

Ayamictlan or Xiuhtecutli:


Book III - Libro X, Chapter 29 - #15 = Ometecutli, 2 times Senor.
His  wife is Omecihuatl 2X Senora.  In XII heaven and of earth.
Senors  2 times nombre de la comparte feminina de principio
divino [dualmento concebido.]
Book I - Libro VI - Chapter 25 - #3 = Fecha Calendarica;
also in Book II - Libro X - Chapter 29] - #15.

BK II - Libro VI - Chapter XXV -  #3
Quetzalcoatl.  god of el cielo, creador y hacedor;
God of Infierno
Book II - Libro X - Chapter 29 - #15 = Ometecuhtli (M) y Omecahuatl (F).
[It seems that the Maize God may also be associated
with the Fire God.]

Book IV - Libro VI  - Chapter 17 -  #7 = Ayamictlan
Title given to the gods of Fire.
Prob, “no dominador de la región de los muertos,
sino, ”el que está entre las nieblas del sitio de los
muertos.” [Ayauhmictlan]

Librio I - Chapter XIII  - #1 = Dios del fuego;  padre de todos los dioses,
Other names:  Ixcozauhqui, es a decir “cariamarillo”’;
Cuezaltzin, que quire decir “llama de fuego.”
#2 = Huehuetéotl, que quiere decir  “el diios antiguo: “
y todos le tenían por padre considerando los efectos que
hacía porque quema la llama, enciende y abrasa, y estos son efectos que causan temor. [Continued in #3 food, drink, honey, charcoal, la cal,  banos, etc]
Father of all Gods; enveulto entre nubes de aqua..

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