Conflicting Essays in scholarship which have been the most engaging research job I have ever done. I have also added, over the years, queries about our "dated" geology with their "computerized" confirmations together with climate changes denied since 1963. The Ten-O'clock News have been telling us to change our clocks for DSL and back again BUT no one as noticed it has been changed, more than a few years ago, from March 31 and October 31, to a week or so earlier or even a week or so later.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

B: Wednesday: Trials and Tribulations

Anything is possible if one tries hard enough, but the thing is one has to know: what one is trying to accomplish, like translating a monument or a story-line.  A monument is a short form of honorable mention, the right for a ruler to rule, glowing terms that go nowhere; while a story-line gives a lot more information about the ruler himself or about an event that caused the old ruler to die, allowing a new one to begin his own rulership. Without the story-line, one cannot hope to translate events that are completely unknown to the translators. Myth, cultural lore, or tradition retain parts of the story, but not all of it. Memories retain good, or bad, but never the whole history of an era.  Too many different versions appear; one may be of the merchant colony; another may be about a princeling that never made it to the throne, but was it the story of the king or a tale for children that happened to survive the test of time.

A: Fussy Tuesday

     Have been quiet long enough. I discovered  that just because someone got a proper title, but hasn't used their right to explore  old concepts or new concepts, it doesn't give them a right to dis anyone who prefers to take the time in order to understand and explore the world of ancient astronomy away from those who are supposed to judge right or wrong.  I think Mark Twain was correct, that a jury of peers, just leads to no solution nor any satisfaction of real accomplishment. It seems to be the "same old," "same old" every time. 

    At times, a new word or phrase is included with a modern explanation that will give an old translation a new twist, or a more modern approach, but completely ignoring the fact that the original concept was never properly defined to begin with.

     It is time the Elders of the Tribes or other cultural backgrounds are listened to - those whose wisdom came from those stars that Hubble is in the process of discovering in the wrong places. but  are those stars in the wrong places? Is it an assumption, or is it a lack that indicates more information is needed?