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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Creation of the World

The story of the Creation of the World, is not the Creation, as much as it is about the re-Creation of civilization, after along session in the caves, where food and other supplies gave out within a short time. in spite of rationing..
The disaster is mentioned by most cultures around the world and these versions indicate that many people were destroyed during that time.

In the Mesoamerican world, the Ramirez Codex, might have more information about this re-creation of the world, than realized. The short version is by Phillips, Jr. H.   (1883)  History of the Mexicans as Told by Their Paintings Translated and edited by Henry Phillips Jr. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society XXI:616-651, 1883. (edited  for FAMSI by Alec Christensen)

Also one might want to read the beginning of Goetz -  Morley's and Goetz -  Recino's versions of the Popol Vuh before a decision is made about when it occurred..

The "making of the dawn" actually comes before the birth of the last sun; the one that Tedlock heard from his translator "that is not like the sun that you see."   The next element was the journey of the remaining tribes. The Aztec version of the migration was placed in the  
Tira de la Peregrinaci√≥n (Migration Scroll); (from the original manuscript: Codex Boturini,ed.) 
 with Huitzilopochtli  giving directions from a bundle on the back of a priest who was leading the group.

The presence of Huitzilopochtli only means that the comet of the Twins of the PV or the Aztec version of Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl already occurred. Huitzilopochtlli is just a fragment of the Xolotl part of that double comet that had magnetic properties. Otherwise, Huitzilopochtli could never have "spoken"  to the priests who led (even the Zuya) pilgrims away from the seven caves and Curl Mountain as is shown in the Codex Boturini

The Mexicans were the first to use the magnet, not China. But that is another story that is so convoluted that it is possible only to identify Flower/Fruit Mountain and the stone egg (and of the rapid actions [fluttering of the hummingbird image] of Huitzilopochtli).