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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another view of an Eclipse of the Moon

     In K-1398 of Justin Kerr's 1998 Vase Books, there is a view of "God L pleading with the Night Sun who is hiding the Rabbit behind him. Barbara MacLeod (2011: 234) then suggests that God L and "the Night Sun are separate entities who complement one another as alternating rulers of the Underworld." Likewise, she adds that the name Bolon yokte' can be read as "nine wooden basal supports." Her suggestion that this name refers to the underworld pantheon of the ninefold deities. (IMS Explorer, M. J. Grofe, 2012: 3, 5  &  6)
The Summer Triangle [upper right] as the north sees it turned -90 degrees south of the Equator.

     There are two things that can be suggested here.  The Nine Wooden Basal Supports could be considered to be the nine constellations that exist near and within the spiral [basal] energy of our segment of the Milky Way,. These stars can be seen in the southern part of our world as the opposite of our winter season, i.e. the  constellation of the Northern Cross (aka the Summer Triangle or Cygnus, the Swan) turned -90 degrees from our familiar summer-time view, as photographed for Bauer and Dearborn in their (1995: 106 ) book Astronomy and Empire in the Ancient Andes.

     The upper rulers led by the "Sun deity" show us our primary constellations on the northern side, not of the face of the spiral.  It would be, instead,  our own lop-sided world view of the higher or lower edges of that spiral that we face as the earth spins in its 23.5 degree north to 23.5 degree south spin during the orbit of the earth around the sun. 
     The rabbit [in the moon] who is hiding behind the Sun deity, is just another view of, what a full eclipse of the moon in the night skies. God L would then be begging the Night Sun (who is covering that moon) to please go home to the daylight side of the earth and give the world back the moon. Do not take it away because humans need the light it sheds during the night.

     Although this may appear to be nonsense, just think in terms of the native world who may have been frightened by the lose of moonlight, so they would ask God L to plead for them, the return of the Moon in its full glory. The intercession of a god or two is very helpful in allaying one's fears when the end result is not immediately known.