Conflicting Essays in scholarship which have been the most engaging research job I have ever done. I have also added, over the years, queries about our "dated" geology with their "computerized" confirmations together with climate changes denied since 1963. The Ten-O'clock News have been telling us to change our clocks for DSL and back again BUT no one as noticed it has been changed, more than a few years ago, from March 31 and October 31, to a week or so earlier or even a week or so later.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Hand of God" via NASA's Chandra Telescope

NASA  called this Nebula the Hand of God
It was photograph via the Chandra Telescope in Harvard.

       It  was told during the nights when the campfires were low and the skies sparkled with the newly emerged Milky Way.

      The men merchants who carried the tale from Greece to the Orient and back again. Or was it carried by Greeks from the sea of China all the way to Greece as the pure Greek tale of a war that included a star event that no one wanted to remember; except as the tale of a beautiful goddess who came with them through the Hittite land-locked empire along about the VIIth century AD. 

     Homer thought it was a great story for both men and boys. Homer called it the "Iliad" and his sequel was the continuing tale of Ulysses and his Odyssey across both land and seas to return home to Greece.  He  arrived just in time to save his faithful wife from the clutches of the myriad suitors who were vying for her hand in marriage. They figured if they told Penelope that Ulysses was obviously dead often enough---she would relent and marry one of them, at least before Ulysses might return.  [The war had already been reported----months ago and no one reported that he had gotten killed in battle.]


As you have read above, the Iliad version is a very, very interesting story about brave men who went on to do battle for a lovely woman.  A great tale that Homer wrote out so that all could enjoy it as it was told to him. I would like you to NOT forget the story, but to look at the gods who engineered the battle from the heavens.

They were sky gods who were constellations, planets, Bi-Polar Jet about to explode, that was the Blue Moon, we only know as the extra moon shining late in any one month to amaze and tempt us to believing it was a bit of sky magic, when it was only common, ordinary astronomy.

However, none of those stellar gods in the sky ever thought about all the complex mathematics we consider to be astronomy today. Instead, Astro-gods were described in rollicking, active once- upon-a-time stories describing all the foibles of mankind, both good and bad. 

Every star watcher in the known or unknown world, put their own spin on the tales. Each land used the tales in useful ways to teach their young men and women everything known about life as it was before books were printed. The books became so technical that only those with a college education could understand "proper" data only with BA, MA, or PhD, The lessons of life with their, sometimes, complex adventures were too difficult for the mathematicians so they eliminated the fancy words and replaced them all with numbers and only factual data about our world today.

The story I am going to "translate" is not as long as the Iliad or the Odyssey, It is only a small short version of the wounded wrist of Aphrodite and how it became a Nebula in the Southern skies. And how those words do describe our own modern astronomy WITHOUT all the numbers and calculations we need to understand the stars.

      The Maya and the Mixtec saw another version of the sky Hand. Eric Thompson first mentioned the hand of god his book Maya Hieroglyphic Writing, [that I found on page 132 of the 1971 fourth printing of the third edition of his book.]

     An association which brings together death or sacrifice, stone knife, and hand is to be found in the Yucatec name for the knife which is:  u kab ca (ku0  or "the Hand of God. (Scholes and Adams, 1938, 1:42)"

     It was not discovered until NASA's Hubble via the Chandra Space Telescope found the nebula. NASA named it "The Hand of God."  It was a few months later that I found this nebula could only be found in the constellation Compass located near the South Pole over the Pacific Ocean. The strange part about the Maya and Mixtec information was that this nebula was seen by them in the center of their area of the sky. Yet, it may only be the southern view of the Summer Triangle that was discovered in Peru, with Vega at the top of the constellation instead of Deneb. But moved down to the Antarctica when Aphrodite was told to get away from the conflict of the Iliad.

     North of the Equator Vega is to the right of the Milky Way within the constellation Lyra. while Deneb is at the top of that triangle created by Vega, and Altair [in Aquila] is far left of the Milky Way.

       Stela 22 and Stela 67 of Izapa are taken into consideration as actual records of the fact that time except for the extra days added by the earth's new lopsided 23.5 degree spin from the Tropic of Cancer in the north and as far south with another 23.5 degrees to the Tropic of Capricorn in the south.

     The Persians saw the NASA version with an insignificant tube that had the appearance of the very first cannon used in XVth century Europe.  It even leaned on a "Y" stick as the cannon did. However, the piece illustrated in the panel of Mithra, located in Rome (Sesti, (1966, 63) was the telescope that was used to see the constellation illustrated at its tip as a bull (not Taurus), It may have been a wild boar in Persia. But that is unknown at this time.

     The Maya "square" sky symbol enclosing with two hands and the feet around it, probably indicated the path where this nebula was seen around the square world that they were believed to be their version of the earth in similarly-shaped Yucatan.

      The question then remains, are the above "Hands" also part of the stories that the Maya glyphs are portraying on the various stelae around Mesoamerica?  Is is part of the story of the Popol Vuh and the birth of the Twin comets (from the spittle [sperm] of One Hunahp├║'s skull, which is also nother nebula shaped as a head with an open mouth. Its astronomy name is NGC7000 and is located near Deneb of the Summer Triangle.

     The Twins, was soon to be born from Blood Moon, their mother who lived near the Milky Way as a soon-to-explode star near Vega which is located in the constellation Lyra, the Turtle. For the Turtle one has to return to the Greek music contest between  Hermes. and Apollo. Hermes is supposed to have created the Lyre from the carapace of the turtle. He won the contest easily.

        Blood Moon's iconography was found in the Nuttall Codex undeer a different name:

       Thw Lady is a spinner but she is not spinning thread  So her spindle is an icon that informs the viewer that she herself is the spinning star (called a Bi-Polar Jet in proper astronomy terms) Although the atl-atl [spear] is shown, the date glyph is called, by Robert Williams, "Two Reed," in his book about the codex. So there may have been a "fix" to fit a different calendar name.  We should not forget the two comet stars on the head of a serpent used as her special headdress and finally, the glyph name under "2-Reed" having five distinct units: 

      The [1] debris being flung away from the [2] central spinning star (seen on the Lady's blue apron);  [3] the thicker red ring between the two is the same as the "Hand of God." NASA photographed [see above};this star as a nebula in of the constellation Compass over the South Pacific Ocean; [4] the Macaw with the [5] hand and fingernails as its crest is just another reference to the fact that she also was called a Macaw OR the "Hand of God" by NASA.

       The last part of the story of this lady's journey around the world is in the Iliad as it passed through Turkey as Aphrodite. She tried to help her hero-warrior gain his love, Helen. 
However, the goddess was wounded in her wrist. She went to her father Zeus to complain, but was told to stay away from the battle. The blood that flowed from her wrist was called ICHOR in the Iliad and treated as an unknown word with no meaning other than the blood of a sky-goddess.

        As usual, I got curious enough to check the dictionaries I had found as I attempted to learn about other alphabets. With no other thought in mind, I went for the Latin, and the Greek languages, which included a line of text over a break across the Xanthus 44 monument in Lycia. The library had a German and a Turkish dictionary on a smaller shelf. I got even more curious.

        The curiosity got to be more productive than I imagined. The word ICHOR was actually in the Turkish dictionary. And its definition was that of "long-burning cinders."  Not blood at all. The merchants who saw the nebula during their journeys, somehow decided that the Turkish definition was not fit for a real goddess of beauty and decided she spilled her [blue] blood for her hero-warrior. It was a better fit than cinders falling from the sky.

       And it just happened to match the Aztec Sun Stone Age of Tlaloc who sent down a burning rain, that the translator of the Maya Popol Vuh decided it was probably LIKE Resin or Turpentine.

        Thus ends the story of the rains from the "gods," who circle the world as constellations and nebulas; who have been identified as a great variety of gods and goddesses in the astro-world above the earth.

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Repost from JUly 7, 2012 re Climate Change

"Climate Change: Scientists have been warning the global community about this alteration of stars at least since 2003."

A postscript to  Climate Change I, July 7, 2012;
and Climate Change II, July 20, 2014!

Our present “climate change” is a bit slow. During the years, our DSL our summer change, has moved from October and March 31st, to three weeks earlier.  So far, no one has cared, one way or another.

Most people listen to the ten o’clock newscast and when the commentator tells them to change the hour from Midnight, to an hour earlier or later, they dutifully change their clock before they retire for the night. The time is set each summer and removed each autumn.,

This year it is three weeks before March 31!  Sure we are having a climate change. :Three weeks before the time that used to be normal for 23.5 degrees from the Tropic of Cancer in the North, to 23.5 degrees to the Tropic of Capricorn in the South. How many degrees are we off NOW?  Three weeks earlier?
Yet, in spite of these newscasters making sure we know when to change DLS, none of them told us that is was one, two or three weeks earlier.  Yet, it has begun to alter itself over years.

February this year in Texas was as windy and as hot and uncomfortable as March in previous years.  Now that March has officially come around, its first few days were OK, but then the rains of April began in earnest; now a week at a time. Now, in almost dry Texas, that IS Climate Change! Did the ancient Change in Climate really occur within 10 days a long time?  What is changing our spinning Earth NOW?
Or was it just 10 hours of a very cold blast of stellar air that froze the mammoths of Russia so they stopped eating green vegetables just before they died of the cold. Their frozen bodies were found along the river covered for years in the frozen mud. A short time ago [by comparison] they became unfrozen, as the air in Russia got warmer.
[Russia celebrated with a great dinner of mammoth flesh. All participants enjoyed the meat, pleasantly surprised. It tasted like ordinary meat.]
Return to older version:

     On January 6, 2011, the Tampa Tubune stated that, after commenting on the fact that the compass readings posted at the ends of runways designated for approaching planes had been changed by 10 degrees; they also commented that our North Pole was now located over Russia.  
     Would that not put the US in a different climate zone? 

     A commentary after that article was from an ex-air-force pilot [?} who commented that the compass coordinates on runways at the USAF airports had been changed [more than a few] times [?}since 1982 when he was in the air force. His comment came after he had read in the Tribune about such airport runway coordinates for approaching planes in Tampa, Florida had to be corrected by 10 degrees.

      [The in-coming pilots had enough to do getting the plane landed. Recalculating the location of coordinates for each landing plane was wasting the necessary and critical time needed for landing procedures.] Have the Climate Scientists missed that edition?

The reporter of the Tampa Tribune probably got dismissed for poking around in the wrong area of the airport. The military had to cover all the bases for any disturbance and they did. Anyway who understands 2.8 million tons of thrust for each foot of space?  Who understands that comets can do the same thing with a few dozen stones that fall from the sky and much faster than a mere twenty or forty years of thrust by mechanical means?

Our Earth was once upon a time hit by such meteorites but not 65 mya [million years ago]. The event is still recorded as the "Creation of the World" in many places, like caves, tombs, underground havens. Who knows what other hiding places humans could find in time, even the catacombs of Italy?

Merchants with a lot of extra supplies, who listened to astronomers, stored their caches over time, so had a money flow, even then. Nothing strange about that. The worst was when few people thought it would only last a short time. They ended up eating "cinta," fodder for the animals that they slaughtered for food. It was better than nothing; until it became "teocinta," a god's gift to mankind.

The strikes in Nova Scotia, the Yucatan, the shores of the Carolinas, the middle of Germany and the middle of the Sahara.  And why not in Peru, Argentina, Lake Texcoco as a backlash due to the curvature of the Earth?  

Why not? Our Earth spins a complete 360.15 degrees (Circle) now every 24 hours. So what is located south of the Equator has a different orientation by the time, the comet completes its trip circuling the earth.  So a comet going east would be going west by the time it got below the Equator.

So what is in store for us when we succeed in finding another Earth-like planet?

[See Climate Change I I    July 7. 2012]

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The Mysterious XIIth Century Evacuation

 The Mysterious XIIth Century Evacuation of the Americas

In Aztec land, histories were rewritten by four elders left behind (by whom?) in Tenochtitlan. Who had given such instructions? This may have been part of the XIIth century evacuation of once useless land, foreign visitors had accepted all up and down the western coast of Mesoamerica.
The twelfth century evacuation has always been a mystery.

The native population had .recovered from their stay in the caves just before the comet Quetzalcoatl arrived with Xolotl trailing behind. At that time. the whole of the east coast had been inundated when Xolotl sacrificed himself so that the  Sovereign Serpent, the Sun could live. The stars had danced with joy, The natives did not even think they had moved too far from their prior locations. The stars seemed to be correct. Stars never moved from their proper sequence; so ”not to worry.” They had just moved to one hour earlier than their usual pace.

Due to the changing of the star patterns in the sky, the natives did not know how to recover their soil so it could be replanted successfully. Seasons no longer arrived on time for planting before the rains? Such information is on the stelae and in the records that have been drawn as codices.

The dattes are given in proper numeric order. As clearly as the numbers are written down, there has been much dispute about how they should be counted. Both Venus and Earth had to be calculated together to find a coefficient with the Planet Venus. It was calculated to be 819 years later that the two planets arrived at the same information that was noted in the first year. Even so, an accidental number emerged at some point. The number was 16 which when divided into the 819 sequence created a proof that a 52-year cycle for the First Fire was a valid conclusion.
However, that is not how a coefficient should be calculated. Even so it made computer-sense for a 52-year cycle. After all, no-one would ever question computer generated charts. If the 819 years when both Venus and Earth were already equalized as the standard. No one would ever look for an accidental “16” when it alone balanced the Earth to [51,1875 or] 52-years so perfectly.

So we will leave that problem for the calendar makers to solve.  At leat, Earth’s year was known to need 365.25-days and Venus was known to need 224.7-days to orbit the Sun. Together they paced each other against the Excel program until these two numbers came together again on line 819. Hooray!
A new type of compost to revive the soil for productive farming was necessary. Swidden agriculture----a slash and burn process----was the most used in other countries. The only catch was that each piece of land had to remain fallow for two years. So that each person needed one milpa of land to clear every three years. An attempt was made for a tone-year wait; however, it could not produce enough maize to sustain a family and still grow enough extra to sell at a good price.

Still, the mystery of the sudden abandonment of those small colonies of stramgers who had helped the natives realign their star views so their farms [milpas] became more productive has not been answered. Would it be in error to look to Europe for the answer; even though the natives had never communicated with the continent before the fifteenth century?

In which country was swidden agriculture used the most? Well, the word iteself is from Old Norse: svithinn, which is the part particple of switha - to burn, to singe. As an English dialect, it remained as Swidden: a burned clearing. By 1951 it was a temporary agricultural process produced by cutting back and burning off vegetative cover.

The Norse Incursions

From the European shores on the Atlantic Ocean, the Vikings were thought to be the very first of the European travelers to come our way. The Ericsson family [Eric the  Red, Leif, and Thorwald] have been determined to have arrived on the coast of Newfoundland or New England, I believe. His brother Thorwald arrived in 1003 AD,  south of New England.

However, when one reads about the early voyages of the Norseman, it was not Leif Ericson who came first, but his father Eric the Red, about 1000 AD. Thorfinn [Porfinn] Karlsefni. was said to have gone to Vinland in 1007 and stayed for three years. The exact date of his voyage is still uncertain. If the chronology of Thorfinn’s saga, another adventurer in the Norse lands, is accepted, Porfinn’s expedition was in 1003-07 or 1007-11. This confusion was duie to the spelling differences between the Norse Grammar lesson (Gorden) and the official “Dictionary of Discoveries” version by Langnas.

As for Leif Ericson, he had been a warrior prince. His voyages were those of conquest. [Thorfinn] Porfinn Karlsefni appeared to have been just as a “visitor” or a  “Curious Tourist” to other shores. He made few observations about his travels but when he returned home, those he did make were only those his countrymen would understand. No other manuscript has shown up to prove or disprove these observations, even though [Thorfinn] Porfinn Karlsefni’s descriptions of the lands he visited are reasonable.
One of [Thorfinn] Porfinn’s more interesting and insightful observations was based on the farm equipment of his homeland: the threshing sticks used during the harvest. They consist of a long pole with a short chain and a very short section of the same pole at the end of that chain. The clacking noise they made as they were swung into harvested grain was a reassuring sound to a farmer who spent months looking after his farm. The clacking of the threshing sticks meant that all is hard work during the previous months produced a plentiful harvest.

 Swedish Threshing Poles
At San Antonio, Texas Museum. 1992 = [A long pole with a short chain attached to a short stick.]

Porfinn Karlsefni stated :"the natives were in their canoes: and staves were waved from the canoes, and made “a noise, very like threshing [poles]. They were waved in the direction of the sun’s course.

Now, this appears to be an unreasonable statement. The translator assumed that it had been a "religious ceremony using rattle-sticks" Everyone who has paddled a canoe knows it is not a very good place to have an arm-swinging, body weaving ceremony to a god. Especially if all moved in unison. There would be boat-tipping. The smaller the canoe or flatboat is, the easier it would have been to tip over.

The only thing that Porfinn could have heard, that even remotely sounds like the threshing sticks he referred to, was once found in Lake Texcoco, the ancient lake system of Mexico. Weir Gates, half under water, opened with the incoming tide, and allowed fish to enter the area of the lake. When the tide went out, the gates would clank shut----(sounding much like the northern threshing sticks)----trapping the fish in the shallow waters where the boatmen could easily capture them.  [See The Vinland Map For the map of XVIth century Groenland, by Siurdi Sephani in 1579]

A new item turned up recently (IX.2016.17). It was an article by Karl Taube dated (1983, 171-181). It was about the Classic Maya Maize God: A Reappraisal. On the very first page a strange new non-Maya word occurred. The word “Swidden” was defined as a dialect of the Old English language as “a burned clearing.” Probably from Old Norse word: Svithinn [past participle of swidden, to burn or singe” By 1951, it was "a burning of a temporary plot. produced by cutting back [and burning off] vegetative cover." [Websters, 1986, 1193]

In short, farm lands (all over the world), swidden-farming was never associated with common cartographic works as a necessary step to research those early maps being printed in text books today.
What is Left to Consider about the Evacuations
From the Americas During the XIIth Century?

If the “swidden” farming method was brought by the Norse, to the New world, is not a provable item. The Itzaeae (according to de Landa) were those who aided the Maya helping them recover from a severe famine caused by the shifting of the stars. “Itzae” carries only a definition of “foreigner.” The Norse Grammar is not a complete manuscript. So where Porfinn traveled is still hidden information. On what waterway he traveled is also an unknown factor.

All that can be proven is through cartography and through the ruling governments of  Europe. Since all kingdoms on the Continent were ruled by Papal approval, the Inquisition has to be acknowledged as a moving force during the XIIth century AD.  By that century, the Crusades were on its last battlegrounds.

Saladin, the last great leader of the enemy of the Church, gambled for time by inviting the Crusader leaders into long drawn out dinners and entertainment. His negotiations were cautious and futuristic; at least, until his troops could be reorganized with new arrivals.

The general rule for Saladin to get new reinforcements from colonies, was strictly regulated by the amount of income produced by their trade activities. One man was to be sent for a certain amount of income the colony earned by trade. Due to the gold available to the colonies, for a minimum of trade items, ALL men  in each colony had to go to help the Islamic ruler, who at that time, was Saladin. :The mesoamerican eastern and western colonies were decimated quickly. The wives who were not strong or wise enough to keep the trust of their workers, lost their colonies by default.


So with such bad news coming from the Middle East, the comfort and peaceful existence of the colonies had to disband. Just to make sure no record was left in the New World about the identity of the colonists; records had to be revised if they could not be destroyed, and the movable items, like personal  religious and astronomy records were  taken with the new wartime conscripts. What was left, was the Mystery of the XII AD evacuation process. This type of information was naturally lost when when one, figuratively, exams problematic corpuscles of blood instead of the reactions of the problematic reactions within the whole body.