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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Kachina Called "Chasing Star"

Chasing Star with his mask is always identified by the great blue star face. He carries a yucca whip in his hand. The whip is to threaten small laughing  children, quite harmless, but it does sting a little if and when it connects to a child's bare skin, which is not very often during the fun times during the Hopi celebration. He also carries noisy bells that announce his presence.

Chasing Star also has a companion, a sort of a "jester" who helps him with the clamouring children around them, The mask that hides his face helps him to have
a voice change, so no one knows who he is.

However, the  Blue Star on the mask is strange and many people can not explain  why this clown is so much fun for the children. No one seems to have any memory
of its significance.  Their tales of creation give no clue as to any meaning since no
one has ever seen a "blue" star in their life time.  Stars in the the desert skies are always like brilliaint diamonds, especially early in the morning just before dawn when the sky is the darkest.

The isolation of the Hopi on the mesas during the government control during the 17th and 18th centuries and the schooling by the Great White Father, helped to create a new empty space in the memories of tribal lore.

One must travel the world of books to find the blue star that truly rocked the world. However, if one would begin with the Hopi prophesies one can find the answer. The Hopi Elders devised the same methods as did the Europeans during the Dark Ages: Place the information in the wrong place and make it visible to all.

There are nine prophesies and eIght of them are actual historical events. The eighth is the atomic bomb. The  ninth is the information about the BLUE STAR. It is the only one that is an actual past event verified by traditional lore in many different cultures and inferring that it was a very real future threat to the world.

The Blue star was once a nova that is now called the Ring Nebula.  Before it expanded and exploded it was just like the Toddler Star in the McNeil Nebula today.  At first, it was a normal white star. After it started to age, it became brighter than the moon and just as impressive. It finally changed color again and became the "magical" Blue Moon.

The Toddler Star that NASA found in the McNeil nebula is now a red Star. It eventually became the color oF Aphrodite's odd blue ichor that came from a wound in her wrist. Just ass the red color of the Toddler Star that has as it s north and south poles, two bright blue areas, will get hotter and hotter, the Blue heat inside will cover both hemispheres of the star globe.

Amazingly enough, there is another nebula in the sky that is a hand with a short arm section, that not only shows such a dark area in the wrist. It is part of the constellation Circinus called The Compass.   It was even painted into a picture by Holbein during the time of St. Thomas More.  I have for a long time believed that Saint Thomas was deliberately done away with because he had learned about the blue imagery of power.

Since the Turkish Empire grew in strength during the Middle Ages, at the time when the Blue Star was to be replaced----about the time after the Crusades----because it had become a very strong symbol of power, Since research on the Iliad woecifically noted that the Nausikia part of the story may have been a recent addition, I got curioous about the word ICHOR and actually found the word KOR in Turkish.  There was a translation school in Baghdad also had complained bitterly that many Syrian and Greek texts that they were able to copy, were badly in need of repair.

The "excuse" made the way for other languages to be inserted into texts that meant little to the Syrians or Greeks, but we're able to tell future readers that it the manuscript came from a later century. I.E. Spanish"Hay de mi"  was made into a short Greek phrase ("Egw de mi."* and if put into English, it is, "I de me!") in the Odyessy when after the shipwreck, Odysseus found himself without clothes [naked] in front of Nausikia, a beautiful maiden who came down to the water to wash clothes.

What does KOR mean?  It translates as "red hot cinders" comparable to the rain of resin or turpentine that was recorded in the Popol Vuh as falling from the skies in
Mayalands. "Red hot cinders" that appeared to come from a nebula that looked like a hand of God with a bleeding wrist but only if you look at NASA's presentation of the "  "Hand of God."

 The problem with research is that when one discovers tales that just might refer to astronomy, the immediate responose is what do the natIves know about astronomy. There is no doubt that because native equipment that was not technical as we not understand the word "Technical"  was "inferior" to better equipped cultures and s.o.o.o far distant from that information, everything is placed into the "invalid" and "improbable," File 13. therefore, nothing was important enough to implement except as a superficial guess, if anything was said about it at all.

Astronomy, howver, IS universal and the native information is many times much more explicit than official documentation. Such is the case with the Hopi prophecy number nine. Number Nine Prophecy should be read as Number One, sincd it was the beginning of the new Civilization of the Americas. it  actually is in agreement with Peru's of the main god asking for an extention of time to buid the city of Cuzco after the winds of the land swept all is his ceatons away each time.  He was given one day.  Hebrew, on the other hand was given one night.
*   I remember twenty or thirty years ago that I saw the Greek as  "Egw de me", and I did quite a bit of research on it within the three languages I know well.
I could have confused the spelling but not the pronunciation.ed "ai"  as "egw" but I cannot find either phrase now in the Greek.
The three languages were somewhere----- one based only on one written phrase----- as the pronouciation and may well be in the Iliad itself.
I will have to search both books but it will take a while. A Greek version on the computer would be appreciated, but it also can be tampered with. The hand-written version can be conpromised easily enough as it is. With a computer version it is even easier.