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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Bird/Flower "god" of 2012

Knotted Seven Macaw, dying with Meteorite Shower and Flaming Comets
        A long time ago, in 1986, Linda Quist did a dictionary of sorts about the various Maya glyphs and where they were to be found. It was a very extensive list with several sub-chapters.(1) Bolon Yokte' [K'uh] was cross-referenced with Baklel Wai (page four)  and on page three, Baklel Wai was translated as "Bird-Flower" from a Copan location. Bruce Bowers wrote three different papers which included the glyph Baklel Wai or "Bird-Flower."

      The blanket design above is a bird tied neck and feet to a bar-b-que spit. The 'bird," maybe a turkey, but it is represented in the Polol Vuh, he is being cooked over an open fire. In the above glyph-picture, it is being roasted from below by the fires from the "oven of the gods." A rain of burning stones [meteorites and burning ash] fall upon it from above. It is screaming in fury from the pain. 

      The eye of the bird has what appears to be jewels, some of which are blue. It makes a fair case that it is Seven Macaw in his final death throes after the Twins, Hunahpú and Xbalenqué remove his adornment of turquoise [blue] teeth and metallic decoration around his eye. It is part of the Popol Vuh story as an expanded glyph image of fire as Hunahpú cooks the bird for Kab'raqan" [Earthquake] that they covered with cal [lime]. When it was eaten it killed the giant who rocked the earth..

       Eric Boot, had his own Ideas about another god, God L and his court followers. He compared God L to both Baklel Wai K'uh and Uhuk Chapat Tz'ikin K'inich Ahaw, that he translated as "Seven Centipede Eagle Sun Lord." If Seven Macaw  instead of the "Centipede Eagle" is used for the bird, then one can read the Popol Vuh and understand why the macaw was thought a "genius in his being."  Seven Macaw claimed:
>>>I am great. My place is now higher than that of the human work, the human design. I am their sun and I am their light. And I am also their months.
>>>So be it: my light is great. I am the walkway and I am the foothold of the people, because my eyes are of metal. My teeth just glitter with jewels, and turquoise as well; they stand out blue with stones like the face of the sky
And this nose of mine shines white into the distance like  the moon.
>>>Since my nose is metal, it lights up the face of the earth. When I come forth before my nest, I am like the sun and moon or those who are  born in the light, begotten in the light. It must be so, because my face reaches into the distance." saids Seven Macaw.
[Yet] It is not true that he is the sun, this Seven Macaw, yet he magnifies himself, his wings, his metal. But the scope of his face lies right around his own perch; his face does not reach everywhere beneath the sky. The faces of the sun, moon, and stars are not yet visible. It has not yet dawned. . . .This was when the flood was worked upon the manikins, woodcarvings. [* Tedlock,  D. (1996, 73-74)] <<<
 The above named bird stars, either Eagle Sun or Seven Macaw, reminded me of Lamina 08 and Lamina 10 of the Magliabechiano Codex. It seems that in this case, a monastic copier translated the term for a “blanket" calling it a mari-posa [butterfly]. It has a single star glyph in its center. On a different blanket the original glyph writer created a similar blue insect-star glyph but with extra legs attached to small globes blazing in the sky .

      The same type butterfly-insect is also found in the Borgia Codex on a huge double page spread, while in the Codex Becker Colombina (Lamina 07) a butterfly is used as a temple adornment during the year Ten Flint. In fact most of the codices have a similar insect-creature, sometimes as a multiple element but usually without the star-eye in the center.

      Between Bolon Yokte' K'uh, the  Bird/Flower "god" [Quist, Linda (1996, 4- 3, top-left)] and the K'uh [god] who "will descend" during December 2012, a tentative concept suggested by David Stuart but that he felt was never really proven. (Stuart, David, 2011 315) (2) 

     Nevertheless, there is a series of blankets that tell different parts of the story. The main blanket  is at the beginning of this article,  and tells of the death of Seven Macaw as he is being cooked, as if he was a "turkey" on a spit. Symbols are usually visual and have little to do with the concept of the original name used for the main actor in the story, whether it be a bird, an animal or even a human entity.

      [A man said to be "Strong as an ox, does not have the face or body of an ox, or even of a bull."  Water that is considered "cold as ice" is not necessarily a chunk of ice."] Phrases such as these are analogies and meant to remind the person of an image or a sensation known to the listener during previous times.]
Magliabechiano Codex. Lam. 08 - 10
     The two blankets pictured above are excellent examples of a blazing star in two different stages of  its pending destruction. This leads one to recall the Hopi Prophecies that "a Blue Star will rock the earth to and fro.” The end-dates have changed over the centuries, but perhaps one can assume that this might refer now to December 21, 2012.  Surprisingly, there was an old comet confirmed by NASA that on May 8, 2006. It was then that a disintegrating blue comet had already passed by the Ring Nebula; (3)  [inferring it was once known as Tlaltecuhtli, the blue star]. It had no more power to hurt our world, just as the nebula had no more explosive qualities.
Comet Passing the Ring Nebula
A recent new bi-polar jet with a blue area at each pole, north and south can be seen swirling in the middle of another ring of stellar matter,** just as the Ring Nebula was once created. Without a double comet nearby, any debris expelled from this bi-polar jet should pass harmlessly into outer space. If a comet appears too close to this strange ring of stars with its bi-polar jet in its core, then NASA should be watching for it, unless the Hubble is now too distant from the Ring Nebula. None seem to be forming in the heavens at this time; which is a good thing.

    Just to cover all bases, a little under two years ago, on February 19, 2008*** another comet came very close to our northwestern states and southern Canada. The report from those who saw the event early in the morning,was that it seemed like a humongous flash of an explosion over Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and southern Canada. Was this the trajectory of the original returning May 8tth comet. . .and the very same as the one described in the Popol Vuh  for the "birth of the Sun"? The one that came too close to the earth in its last orbit in the story, and had come pretty darn close recently on February 19th? The Maya astronomers did not have television news coverage or cell phones that could take pictures, but they did have eyes that could see and memories that could tell the story in a form that surviving native populations could remember as long as the story would be told. 

     They also recorded the difference between the first two passes of the original comet and the third on the stelae of Izapa: Numbers  22 and 67. Both of these glyphs, for that is what they indicate, even now, show the same boat. One is a side view and the other a full frontal and also the before and after view of our world with its new 23.5 degree tilt. Both boats contain the same entity with one tooth. Stela 22 has the turmoil in the sky, with the Milky Way underneath, but not as a separate sky element. (No wave action scrolls underneath the water, indicates that the Milky Way was in a different position at the time of the disaster.) 

     On the other hand, Stela 67 shows the rainbow that came after the disaster, together with the Milky Way wand its upside down wave action. This upside down view, is indicative of its new sky presence attributed to the sky god elephant seals, that control the new waters in the sky. The iconography of the elephant seals contain the crossed sky bands as proof of their new job titles.

    Conclusion: We need to stop ignoring our own surroundings. December 21 can well be the beginning of the end of our own destruction, but not from the stars. Our own mistakes are beginning to affect the whole of or lives. Look around!
1  Quist, Linda (1996)  The Maya Glypher’s Companion: Maya- English; Phrases, People, and Places; Codex and Site References; Thompson Numbers. Revised. in the Chapter titled Cross-Referenced Names, "Bolon Yokte'" page 4, and page 3 Baklel Wai [Bird-Flower] in the  top left column.

2 Stuart, David (2011, 315)  The Order of Days, The Maya World and the Truth About 2012, New York; Harmony Books. 
Houston, Stephen D., and David Stuart  (1996)  Of Gods, Glyphs and Kings: Divinity and Rulership Among the Classic Maya, In Antiquity 70; 289-312.

3  NASA: A blue disintegrating comet identified as 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 passing the Ring Nebila (M-47) on 8 May, 2006. (Urquidi, D. M. 2011, 189.)

*  Tedlock, Dennis (1996) Popol Vuh: The Definitive Edition of the Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life and the Glories of Gods and Kings. New York: Simon and Schuster.

** 10.21.42 AM.MOV

*** The Associated Press UPDATED: 5:18 pm PST February 19, 2008 POSTED: 6:56 am PST February 19, 200. Since the story by the Associated Press "Meteor Seen Across Pacific Northwest " was contributed to this report. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. [Nevertheless, there is no stopping anyone from looking it up on the web again.]