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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Moon Goddess, Rabbit, & Disasters

The Humiliation of God L
          The above-mentioned vase is an interesting compressed study of the disaster that almost destroyed the world.  The Moon Goddess, who has the black sun spots of disease on her skirt, is holding up the Rabbit, The  humiliation of God L [who just might be God N] is in progress.          

K-5166 Justin Kerr's  Moon Vase
          Four warriors, each holding a moon glyph on their shoulders, are in attendance. Two directly behind God L appear to have one cuff for both hands. The latter two are not showing
their hands. 

          The one directly behind God L is all red but the white moon on his shoulder seems to be very blotchy. It seems to have two orange dots in the upper curve of the moon glyph, but the necklace worn by the red-man has three more beads against the back edge of the moon. If this is to fit into the Popol Vuh scenario of the Twins during their ball game in the sky, the red man would be a star that is burning with ashy countenance and about to burst.

          The second red-man has a about four dots inside his moon glyph, and a white face with lips that appears that he is whistling, as if he were a very loud comet wind, assuming that Hunahpú and Xbalenqué are the two comets that passed through a nebula named NCG 7000. That nebula has the appearance of a skull covered in red cinnabar, as was befitting for the honored dead. Its mouth is open and through that mouth came the twin comets into Red-Moon, the mother-to-be of Hunahpú and Xbalenqué.

          As a further reference, there is a raptor bird with a second head as a whistling wind, facing backward on Capstone 7 at Rio Blanco. (Ntbk 27th Maya Mtgs 03/2003, II-14) A long time ago, I saw only two heads, one facing forward with fire from its beak and a Macaw facing backwards, with winds coming from his beak. I am amazed that I missed the Macaw at that time, but I did. I saw it as the wind coming from the headdress of the reversed serpent-toothed head below that of the fire bird.But there are actually three heads in this group. Each has a specific purpose.

        Capstone 6 and 7 contain the cross sticks for star viewing and both have black lined "chambers", so that may be that the two chambers are facing different directions: One for the "two suns" and Capstone 6 for the Moon Goddess. It probably is the work of the Moon Goddess to set out the various moons during different events. This brings us back to K-5166. and the humiliation of God L.

          The third moon had a jaw-jutting masked god who seems to be holding a strap with bells. Such bells, if they are "out of tune" [as an irritating sound] would indicate the raucous sound of the Twin comets much too close to the earth. He had only three dots inside the curve of his moon glyph.

           The last holder of a six-dotted moon glyph is a raw-boned male skeleton with a hook nose cavity. Naturally, that would imply that not only did the man of mud die, but also the manikins of wood as is described in the Popol Vuh.  Why, the Popol Vuh?  Because that is where one will find the story of the Twin Comets.  There is a rabbit in the PV as the false head/ball  of Hunahpú in the last game that the Twins lost to the Xibalbans. It is also found in the Aztec version that tells of the horrors of the sky fireball.

             Kaye Almere Read, in 1998) published Time and Sacrifice in the Aztec Cosmos."  On pages 50 to 57, the story of the 'Birth of the Fifth Sun' contains the blood-red sky that lasted so long that a human picked up a rabbit and threw it at the burning 'sun.' The inference is that the Rabbit ended the super heat in the sky. The Moon Goddess and the Rabbit, then, were in charge of taking the North Star clothing of God L who lost his position as Draco, the North Star. They, then, were to take them to the new North Star at the end of the handle of Ursa Minor. God L was embarrassed that he could no longer control the stars that once were so regular.

            New constellations, i.e. Pegasus and the feet of Orion, etc. had appeared.  God L was now too old to continue his rule of the northern skies. So he was literally "put out to pasture."

           K-5166 gives a lot of information about the Serpentine God L and in what manner he was debased. In fact, it tells the whole story that is found in the Popol Vuh more concisely than the PV itself.