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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Rulers Send Son South to School

Bodley Codex 26-I:  Papa Seven Serpent and his wife, Three Tiger, send their son to study
Astronomy and Triangulation of the stars on Observation Hill at Sandy River. He is to
be the next ruler after his parents.
       Three Dog is the son of Mixtec rulers of the Hill of the Mssk. Thei rulrr's name was Seven Serpent, and his wife, was called Three Tiger. One can see the umbilical cord from the mother to the son on a  separate path that goes under their journey to the Hill of the Mssk. The crossed sticks with an eye under his body in this codex, indicates he is going where the stars are viewed up-side down [My Note: According to the wife of my dentist, all constellations are up-side down south of the Equator.]

One of two Radishes below the Great BIrd at Nasca, Peru.
        As the time for him to replace his parents at the Hill of the Mask nears, he must learn more about astronomy and the prophetic star fortunes of mankind in order to fill the role of ruler. So by Chapter IV, 22-I, Three Dog begins his journey to Observation Hill on Sandy (or Chalk) River (Caso, 1960, 69) where he is to learn astronomy and probably triangulation of the stars. His companion on that journey is Six Tiger, who carried an incense-burner, and an idol repreesenting the goddess, Nine Reed or "Headdress of the Intertwined Serpents." (1960, 71) She, of the Intertwined Serpents, seems to be the goddess of the constellation Lyra. [My Note: Because of the headdress of the goddess sped away to the south, she later became associated with the Radish Festival in the Mixtec city of Oaxaca.] Interesting.