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Friday, January 6, 2017

The Lady of China vs Palenque's Pacal

        The Lady of China  and the Palenque Tomb of Pacal has been believed to have been Independent Invention. However, Independent invention does not explain why the grave banner of the Lady of Changsha has ALL the components of the two distinct version of the dragon and the Maya Jaguar/ Chinese Snow Leopards. It is more feasible to say that the presence of the Lady combined the two monuments of the tomb of Pacal.
     The strange part about this is that the Lady is purported to be a BC date and the other two are post AD dates.If the 242 BC is actually 884 AD. In this way, the Lady had time to cultivate a family, have blacked lungs from tobacco, and beautiful auburn hair from her parents. It also gave rise to the cross bow with a gun-trigger to release the bolt (arrow) from the weapon; circa IXth century AD when they were first known in warfare in Middle Eastern Europe, probably during the pre-Crusade era.

      [The elements that can be compared are noted below the banner and the carvings themselvea.]
The Lady fm Changsha, China   Pacal's Temple   over    Tomb of Pacal
Lady from Changsha, China 247 BC Dragon Bar ws/ Smoke     

Dragon Bar Comparables
Thje Dragon Bar for the Lady is First
the one for the Section 8 is below
[Center Jaws of the Dragon is below Pacal's rump.]

Other Comparisons

Tomb Comparisons.j

Seal Flower of Tomb  Same Element on Lady's Banner

Muan Bird Pacal        Bird over Lady from Changsha, China

Pacal on the. . .           Lady on the. . .

. . .dragon/in Temple    . ..Smoke Rod under the lady

Panther-clad men         Two snow Leopards

     Anthropologists and archaeologists today believe if they find 100 words in both languages from the intrusive migrants, then the case is solved as "diffusion." But if this does not occur, then the conclusion is 'Independent Invention." If there are migrants with a purpose who decided they were only going to stop for a short time, the language elements left behind are usually "magic" tricks or primitive inventions. If the Mesoamericans were not magicians (the Huastecs were Magicians.] or knew nothing about primitive inventions, then there is no proof of the magic nor of any 100 word vocabulary.

     So what is left, is the reader themselves must decide if it is "diffusion" or is it only "Independent invention?  However, other items can be compared such as the expertise of the Inca Emperor with Chess against Pizarro, the sites along the coastlines of 12th century sudden evacuations on the two continents, among other items of interest.