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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Xultun: Stela 10

Stela 10_ Xultun_10-3-0-0-0
     Not a bad stela. However, it is almost completely ignored except for the date. That is all that is important, except maybe for the name of the ruler, if it is a ruler. on the face of that stone monument. Two items caught my eye: one, the Monkey, being held in the left arm of the man and two. a dog singing toward a blazing star, more likely though, it is a passing comet.

Xultlun:  Stela 10 Top half
with a monkey held in the left arm and
at the right side, a dog singing to a blazing sun or comet passing over him.
The bottom half turned up even more information: The right sandal (looking directly at it) has an eagle decoration on the shoe, while the left sandal, had a fork-tongued serpent
Xultun Stela 10, Bottom half:
The right sandal has an eagle (or a vulture) decoration
while the left sandal had s fork-tongue serpent.
 To the left of the feet is a manikin of some sort with three knives in his headdress.
     Three knives are in the headdress of the manikin sitting at the feet of the ruler.  There is more to be seen, and most of these icons are much more important than the date noted. Actually, this stele appears to be a god, not a ruler at all.  Their costume usually consists of a pair, or duplicates of each other shoe.
Pacal's son at Palenque is shown with one serpent leg, and a K'awi'l with a flaming cigar shape over his face, but those were specific symbols of his rank as ruler-to-be.

     The reason for my observations here is simple.  Men do not wear sandals with a serpent wrapped around one ankle and an eagle or a vulture on the other. This entity is telling us a story about his origin, not that of a ruler. One can call him a Lord of the Sky, but at this point in time, the whole concept shown on the stone is completely ignored.