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Saturday, April 7, 2012

What did the Aztecs say about it all?

In the Aztec world, the Four Suns are noted with the Second and the Third Suns having odd numbers for the years, but when 364 and 312 years are combined they equal 676 years.  In other words the two events, the fire (rains) fell, then the flooding occurred when the dust of the comet turned into the larger meteorites of the star debris as it fell into the ocean and the gulf.

Ehecatonatiuh (Sun of the Air) (364 years)
(Symbol: the head of a crocodile, the earth)

“Second Epoch [was] at the end of which humanity was destroyed by violent winds. The gods transformed human beings into apes, in order that they might cling better and not be carried away by the hurricanes, thus originating the similarity between the human race and the simians…This was because large forests had been found razed by tornadoes”
Quiauhtonatiuh (Sun of Celestial Fire and Rain (312 years)
 (Symbol: A turquoise headdress with fire from the eyes.
“Third Cosmogonic epoch [was that] in which everything was extinguished by the rain of lava and fire. Men were transformed at this time into birds, thus saving themselves from the slaughter… in our territory and also on account of the discovery of huts and skeletons under layers of lava and ashes. They justified this belief due to the many signs of volcanic activities.”
Atonatuih (Sun of Water) (676 years)

“This means the fourth epoch, represented by the head of Chalchiuhtlicue, goddess of water, feminine aspect of Tlaloc, at the end of which everything perished in the terrific storms and torrential rains that covered the earth. Reaching the peaks of the highest mountains the gods changed men into fishes to save them from this universal deluge…” “The discovery of different fossilized species of marine fauna on the top of the mountains, created the basis for this belief. ”
Ocelotonatiuh (Sun of Jaguar) (676 years)

[It] “was the first and most remote of the Four Cosmogenic epochs, in which the giants who had been created by the gods, lived. They did not plow the soil but lived in caves, ate wild fruit and roots. They were finally attacked and devoured by the jaguars. The basic epoch of the Aztecs goes back to the quaternary, since they discovered bones of pre-diluvium animals buried in deep gullies below dense lythospheric layers.” (National Museum of Anthropology. Adrián García Valadés y Silvia Gómez Tagle. 1st edition. México DF México: García Valadés Editores.) 

Hence, the second and third Suns become the third 676 years.  All four even appeared numerically in the same sequence indicated by the Hopi, the most important was the last, mraning what has been found on the earth as our Cretaceous Period of Geology, was under the great flood that was titled the Fourth Age. In this way, the First Age, that of Atonatuih (Sun of Water) (676 years) became the new Fourth Age.

The Hopi had been told the numeration of their nine prophecies had to be followed by making the Ninth prophecy into the first historic statement of the nine, since the first eight were actual occurrences of the migration across North America.

Edmund Nequatewa (1967) stated:  
               So if he [Bahana] ever did come there were to be sure to ask him about his 
               books  which they thought would contain his secrets and it was said that the 
               book of truth would not be on top, but at the very bottomAfter all the other 
        Nequatewa, Edmund, (1967) Truth of a Hopi: Stories Relting to the    origin, myths, and clan  histories o f the Hopi, Flagstaff, Arizona: Northland Publishing in cooperation with the Msueum  of  Northern Arizona [p. 41] 
Don't want to believe that the Aztec and the Maya were cognizant of the events of the disaster. Don't have to. . . it is enough that the records are available, nor only in the Mesoamerican world, but also in the North American world of the Hopi who also state, again at the end of their prophecies, not in the beginning, that:

                                 You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, 
                                  above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. 
                                  It will appear as a blue star
                                  These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. 
                                  The world shall rock to and fro.   
                                                                                           Ghost Wolf, R. (2005)

So should we worry about the 2012 event that is included in the prophecy of the Hopi?  I don't think so since the "blue star" is not in the sky, nor are the double comets of the Maya Popol Vuh, or Mary Miller and Karl Taube's description of Tlaltecuhtli's demise in the heavens.