Conflicting Essays in scholarship which have been the most engaging research job I have ever done. I have also added, over the years, queries about our "dated" geology with their "computerized" confirmations together with climate changes denied since 1963. The Ten-O'clock News have been telling us to change our clocks for DSL and back again BUT no one as noticed it has been changed, more than a few years ago, from March 31 and October 31, to a week or so earlier or even a week or so later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cloud Seeding---Is It Useful.?

During the last week, Texas and many of the Plains States have had torrential rains. More than a week of them, but serious flooding in many areas. Homes have been lost in the flooding waters of rivers and no one has a clue as to why it is so bad this year.

The sky is black today, early in the afternoon. And Austin has been lucky so far. But the heavy rains are to continue the rest of this week. Why?

What does Cloud Seeding actually do?  I have seen the trails in the sky between two clouds that eventually touch each other and then grow a bit wider together. But seldom have I ever seen rain in this area because of the expanded clouds. I doubt if anyone who paid for such service were ever satisfied with the "Results."

Silver oxide is not used, only silveriodide, except I do not know much about either chemical. All I know is that I have seen the plane doing the seeding antd seen how eventually we get a full sky of clouds . .. . but never any rain.

I have read about acres of coral reefs dying; more than 60 acres because of chemical imbalance in the once clear waters of the tropics. I have studied about our altered DST [Daylight Savings] and know our world is no longer where it was 50 years ago.

The other chemicals that are trashed in the oceans, not including the plastic small items that are killing our birds but three mile long trash that includes TV's plastic storage drums. There are quite a few larger items that float and do not deteriorate normally.

But more importantly, there are empty fuel pods from the space shuttles. Don't they produce an acid imbalance when they fall safely into the Seas. It seems to me that acid from empty shuttle fuel pods plus the silveriodide fallout from the cloud seeding is do irreparable harm, whether in the sky or falling to the  land or sea.

One factor that does not ever seem toenter into discussions about our horrible weather patterns is the Jet Stream high over head. It constantly circles out atmosphere and along the way picks up, ocean water via the sun in the water rain cycle of nature and more than a little of the materials [chemicals] used in cloud seeding. Is that how we are getting so much rain all at once?  

Such chemical do not deteriorate, but expand even more with their journey on the Jet Stream.#