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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Secret of the Four Ages of the Sun Part I I

Secret of the Sun Stone
[How "Maize" became a God]
By D. M. Urquidi
Maize God in Middle of Canoe going to Northern Climes
and the disaster mentioned by the Four Ages of the Sun
The Aztec Sun Stone is an amazing calendar about two Fire Serpent gods who reigned in the Heavens. Now is the time to enter the Four Ages of the Sun Stone [“Cuauhxicalli” = Eagle’s Bowl[] exhibited at the INAH museum in Mexico City. The INAH museum produced an excellent  brochure, both in English and Spanish, of every aspect of the Sun Stone.

At this point, four coincidences with Maya Popol Vuh should be considered as a proper comparison with the Sun Stone. The journey of the Maize God The Maiz God, who is the heat of the sun traveled to earth from the sky to create sustenance for the people and should never be ignored. The main reason for this assumption is that the Sky is universal. Linda Schele,called the event, Star Wars. The premise was that many of the Maya stelae had information about a sky battle when the planet Venus was prominent in the heavens.

Many such conclusions have been based upon the 1950 book Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovski. It was he who misconstrued the battle in the sky with the Greek/Roman Aphrodite (Venus) and Aries (Mars) who crossed the orbit of our own planet Earth in an impossible journey. A journey which actually was a constellatlon/planet event. The journey included the voyage when Venus was retrograde in the sky.
Possibly, they meet just after the eastern version of Venus begins to pass behind the sun as Orion is also dropping in the east: a nice neat sky observation and a great story for night travelers to remember at a certain time of year.

Velikovsky’s version has held adults and young teens interested enough to explore such possibilities for almost sixty-six years. Venus being the more prominent retrograde entity was chosen as the most likely candidate to have collided with something during some pre-recorded century in the past.

Computer programs such as Voyager, suddenly became available for sky calculations by anyone with the click of a button. That search is still going on and papers abound with coefficients and the mod units that make it all seem more reasonable to date such improbable astronomy  with numeric accuracy. After all, if NASA can reach the Moon and Mars, why is it not possible? There must be some secret in numbers.

The secret is not in the numbers; instead it is plainly stated in the Popol Vuh which misleads the reader only a little bit. The translations of the Popol Vuh are also accurate. Even Dennis Tedlock could see that there were astronomy statements; valid astronomy statements that seemed to be obtuse or as hidden as the first part of the Popol Vuh stated clearly below:

“as enlightened beings, in enlightened words. We shall write about this now
amid the preaching of God in Christendom now. We shall it it out because there is no longer:
a place to see it, a Council Book,
a place to see ‘The Light That Came from
       Beside the Sea.’
the account of ‘Our Place in the Shadows.’
a place to see ‘The Dawn of Life.’
 “There is the original book and ancient writing by the one who reads and assesses it  has [or they have] a hidden identity.”

[It ts my belief that there is an error in reading the Aztec version of the Ages of the Sun, NOT because they have been mis-translated but instead because they are accurate and historically true in what they tell us about the two Fire Serpent Gods and their day/night sky battle. The story also matches the events as they are detailed within the Maya Popol Vuh.]

 Grabilla screen capture: 2016-12-24 13:38:05
Aztec Sun Stone

Please note that I have restructured the Ages for the First Age of the Sun to match the history in the Popol Vuh,] Such astronomy was detailed from the birth of the star, [which turned from white as the moon to blue then to red], when the Twin Comets were self-conceived from the spittle of the Skull-shaped Nebula in the Tree [the Milky Way] to the time of their constellation births. A false statement of their birth; however, rhat statement was such to remind us of the return of the comet in 2012.

Since these four glyphs are read in a circular format, they read them in the wrong at the mistaken starting point in time.. The geological assumption that the first age was in the Geological Quaternary Era. Of course, there were flora and fauna (meaning coral reefs and fish remains on top of the mountains, if the stone that hit the Caribbean Sea was three of four miles wide thought to be 65 million years ago. Yet, if human did emerge only as people who could speak only with "ugh's "and "huh's"

How could they have recorded the event to accurately, even to the survivors in he caves and their condition after they left the caves once the comet disappeared, It was the Astronomers who had predicted that the Great Star (the Comet pair) would arise in the West and meet our normal Sun in the middle of the Sky.