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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Paddler Gods And Their Transportation

       Are the Tikal Bones giving us more information than is expected? Do the Fisherfolk of the Milky Way (estuary) have any purpose, or were they just a notice to the readers of the glyphs that the waters where the canoe is located, is part of the god-world of the stars?
Fig. 01:  MT 51A. Canoe breaking up going forward;
Fig. 02: MT 38D
Fig. 03:  MT 38C. Canoe breaking up moving backward  ards
Fig. 04: D-MT 51B
Fig. 05: MT 38B. Half-drowned gods recovering in the boat,
Fig. 06:  Fig 07:  F-MT 38A.  The new boat with recovered gods.

[All six bones can be found in Kelley, (1977, 234-5) Fig 80]

     Who supplied an alternate transport for the travelers? The Paddler Gods are no longer in the broken canoe which moved forward and then backward  (to and fro) the same direction as the Milky Way when  it broke apart.

Are the Paddler Gods the Twins of the Popol Vuh

     What we don't know about the Milky Way, even when the records tell us differently.

 If the Milky Way broke in half, and the sky fell down, as reported by the Aztecs, the half of the Milky Way they were traveling on was the that of the "beautiful rose tree."  The other leg of the Via Lacta was the Tree of the Warrior (the constellation Orion.)
Fig. 07:  Dickenson, Terrence, (1998,109) Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe.
Willowodale, Onatario, Canada: Firefly Books, Chart 10
    The interesting thing about this view of the Via Lacta (The spiral of the Milky Way) is that it contains all of the constellations mentioned as the two trees.  Orion is on the right, and Cygnus with Deneb is a bit above Orion on the left. 

    Now, if one considers that the Via Lacta (Milky Way) is still circling the earth as it once did, but instead of completely around the Equator, as it once was, [i.e, like a small "o" with the Earth, as a dot in the middle ], it is now changed it shape to be like  a capital "O," or better still, like a narrower "0."  It now has a 23.5 degree slant for Winter and another for Summer.

      It does not take much imagination to remember that which we know.  That  the Milky Way does not change position at all nor does the Sun. It is the Earth that moves from one tilt [side] to the other [side].
Fig. 08:   Earth's New "Tilt"  23.5 degrees north and 23.5 degrees south of the Equator
With the sun no longer struggling to shine while being half hidden by the Milky Way Stars.
     With the North Pole reaching for the sun (on the left) it is June 21st.  and upwards, toward the North Pole and the summer Triangle, it has left winter with Orion in Peru  On the right side, winter is returning to the North Pole with Orion, and pushing the Sun down into Peru with the Summer Triangle, south of the Equator.
Fig. 09: The 90 degree change between
our Summer and Peru's Summer Triangle
     When there is a change in the seasons, the southern area is ALWAYS sees the reverse of the Northern area. It is as if the tilt of the earth only sees one spiral of the Milky Way, no matter which way the earth is tilted. As seen in Fig. 09, the tilt of the Summer Triangle is only a change of 90 degrees  in the direction that the arrow is pointing.
     That is a difficult thing for us to understand because we see two separate spirals (so we thought) of the Via Lacta.  When, in fact, there is only one spiral involved with the planet Earth.

     The passengers in the canoe were going around the earth, until the sky fell. Then they were heading northward, carrying the Howler Monkey (the sounds of a comet/meteorite coming in low on the horizon) from his northwestern home in the sky. Xolotl, (or Xbalenque) the other half of the double comet will sacrifice himself and fall into the sea, in order to save the sun. The Iguana will remain with its tail in the earth and his head in the heavens, while the Maize God will make sure that the survivors will have food by his rebirth, until lthe crops will grow again in drier soil. Seven Macaw with supply the Twins of the PV with the debris (his turquoise teeth) while other differently named gods and goddesses with do the same for other tribes in the area.

      Did anyone notice that the Fisherfolk in the Milky Way (estuary) supplied their BOAT for the travelers? The Paddler Gods are no longer in the broken canoe which moved forward and then backward  (to and fro) as the Milky Way as they knew it broke apart