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Friday, March 23, 2012

Wednesday: Confirmation of a migration.

Was there ever a confirmation of a migration from American shores, either from North or South America? Or is such evidence, just a curious similarity among various locations that have been vacated suddenly for some unknown and inexplicable reason?  Were those locations begun in ancient times, or were they fairly new before the populations disappeared?

The sudden XII century migrations away from thriving communities was not the Great Migration. However, it is based upon a rule of the Turks, Muslims and Arab communities who were being attacked in their own countries. For a specific sum of income created in the foreign communities, one man had to be sent to war on the continent. So much money was being made in the Americas that it became obvious there were not enough men to send. Whole communities in many parts of the Americas had to be closed down so that men could comply with the conscription rules of their besieged governments.

Yet the original concept of the Great Migration out of the Maya area is not only found in a small book written by the man who translated "The Book of the Chilan Balan [sic] of Chumayel," but it is also found in the "Popol Vuh."  Antonio Mediz Bolio's translation of the Chilan Balan proved him to be one of the greatest Maya scholars of today.  His subsequent book "The Land of the  Pheasant and the Deer" written in 1983 "in Spanish, was acclaimed by many, as his greatest work." Neither book was done in the normal scholarly fashion, instead, he ignored poetic license and the duplication of phrases, normally displayed by other scholars.

His books were written as common tales, just as a Maya would tell the story. On page 34, "the Maya world was chastised by God who sent a great flood across the land." Page 35 tells that the survivors "fled to new lands or to other worlds." To say "other worlds" did not mean leaving the Earth for Outer Space. They took ordinary ships to the far reaches of the civilized world, distant from their homes, "Up and down the earth, they wandered," only to return to the Mayeb lands again where they "found there, their brothers."

This, is just another way of saying they crossed the Eurasian continent only to find the Atlantic was barring their way. And when they decided they could cross that ocean that barred their way, they "found…their bothers." The banner for such a discovery was a double-headed eagle. Such migratory kingdoms adopted that banner. All knew that it came from the double comet that caused the migration in the beginning.  There are many other myths and artifacts that confirm the passage of humans across the oceans. They are not exact replicas of their origin. The artifacts and idiomatic phrases found in manuscripts were re-designed to fit the idioms of the lands through which the Great Migration traveled.  If this had not been done, no one would have understood the stories the travelers told during the evenings. (To be Continued)