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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Four Glyphs from Old Chichen

Four glyphs are not too hard to remember, once I had written out what I saw:
So bear with me a bit.

Old Chichen flyphs in the IMS  notice that came through June, 21-2, 2017 from Jim was a very informative glyph set about the arrival of a double comet.  Just four glyphs can be more informative than a whole page if one is aware of the Popol Vuh astronomy story, painted with a broad brush of the adventures of Seven Macaw, the Twins, and the people of the god Tohil. A great book to read.
Four Glyphs that may be read this way

The first glyph of the Old Chichen glyph set was a big wind on the left of the Earth glyph.

[If you do not know what comes first when a comet arrives too close to earth:
Check out the one that hit Washington, Oregon and South Canada
in 2008. It was a big roaring wind that came first, then the brilliance of the comet
and the rumbling of the ground;. Repeated again in 2013 in Lake Chebarkul, Russia
The wind knocked out windows and people standing near the glass did get hurt.
And if still not convinced, try the mini-comet that hit Lake Tagus in Canada photographed
by an amateur with sound as he made a video of the comet tail as it split in two.]

In the right column, the Second was illustrated as a double-faced monkey god,
one with mouth wide open [in shock?]  the other stuck to the back of the first MK
showed a second larger cleaned-up glyph of a new Monkey King  north-star version.

This happened when the big stones fell and the open mouthed MK was kicked out of
the North Star directional spot by the sudden "[rocking] of the earth to and fro"
The Hopi Native American tribe recorded it as the Ninth prophecy but
the Chilam Balam of the Chumayel also recorded it as a historical statement.

At the bottom left of the four glyphs; the third glyph shows a fat "venus"
glyph open to the left and two glyphs to the right of the "v' glyph:
one on top of the other. The top was the worm from the Land of the Dead that sent the double comets as two star circles in a "v" glyph frame to the Earth (the last part of that glyph set.

The last glyph of the four. showed a bright sun glyph  held in several tree branches
 (the Tree of the world [but also called the Tree of the Beautiful Rose in the Codex Ramirez] as the "The History of the Mexicans as told by their Paintings."  The Nuttall Codex also shows the same sun in a tree. . . .

[]I remember it [MIGHT be page 47]. in the left edge of the top row on that page.
In the Borgia Codex and others, the new Milky Way on the other side of the world, was called the Tree of the Warrior.) which according to many myths was new because of our very new 23.5 degree slant above and 23.5 deg. slant below the Equator. which added 5-days  to our original 360-day year.  It created our identifiable Tropic of Cancer (north) to the Tropic of Capricorn in the south. Both areas indicated that we actually have a 47 degree shift from the old North Star.]

The Wurzburger Museum in Germany has a stone peg-board with exactly 30-day work weeks for a complete year. 15 days on one side at the bottom and 15 days on the right side.

[The peg board can be found in G. Sesti's book The Glorious Constellations. about page 62. Just in case   I misspelled the name of the city museum The peg board at the top shows the different planets known at the time and under those icons are different gods of different months.  All have a peg hole so that the year can be completed just like our modern Santa Claus Days Before Christmas picture board with doors or windows to open each day. It was recorded then that Julius Caesar created a long year of 445 days to put farming back into proper star time.]

Glyphs are to be spelled via Landa's alphabet, the same way his example showed: It is to be used with foreign language words, not the stelae or the monumental wall panels. Even Linda Schele tried to tell most of you the process, but when one or two words were translated correctly with Landa's alphabet, no one considered a picture story any longer. Everything had to be properly spelled out as in european alphabets.

So do you best "to see" the story before you attempt to spell a glyph. It has been there for years.