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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Eyes of El Zotz iconography

The Sun God who frightened the world enough
that the native population had to destroy,  not his eyes, but his voice.

      Stephen Houston of Brown University in Rhode Island, noted that the masks on the walls of a buried temple at El Zotz had the most amazing masks that he believes to be those of the Sun God in it various forms as it crosses the sky.  It is true up to a point. Familiar symbols tend to be used when a strange event has no earthly explanation. The symbolism is true in every detail, except its origin as the Sun, even rhough the sun puts on a bright sunny display with scurdding clouds and much wind, until the hurricane itself hits land. When the eye of the hurricane passes over, the birds come out twittering, happy to see the sun and blue skies during the day, or the bright stars at night.They hold a long sessions among themselves to find out how every other bird survived, and if any of them gott hurt.

     One of the masks shows its Eyes as a coil within the eyeball of each. Normally, this is called a "Serpent's Coil" and is not related to the Sun God but to a hurricane. The Maya were well aware of the rotary power of a hurricane and were glad to give that powerful rendering as a source of authority to its new rulers.

     It also refers to the status of a strong-minded person who took over the rule of his tribe when all others died from the "rain of fire;" the "rain of resin;" or the "rain of turpentine, that burned as it fell." Oddly enough, this stinging rain of fire, sticky resin or turpentine that burned, was noted in the Popol Vuh and was an integral part of the destruction of the tribes called manikins of the ancient rulership. They was those elite who failed to listen to the astronomer-priests believing that their stone houses were safe from minor events like hurricanes and flooding. They did not expect earthquakes at all.

     The final demise of the manikins came after the "birth of the Sun, which is not that which we see today." The sun, the burning sun [prior to its birth low on the western horizon] created deserts where there was once green foliage. This superior Sun God (a blazing comet that hugged the new low horizon) became the main power source (A modern  newspaper called such a brilliant comet like "that of a thousand transformers that exploded at once.

     The rulers had protected their people in the mountain caves, until the land was no longer  impossible to walk on due the the flooding that followed the burning "bee-like" stinging rains prior to its birth low on the western horizon. A comet of such strength and power that it orbited around the world three times.

Is the following glyph mask a "Square Eye of Amazement?
Another mask either an eye without a jaw,  or a fang curled upside down
     Since the eyes are supposed to be destroyed on this temple wall,  and one side of this mask seems to be the other eye but since fangs do not usually turn upside down by themselves, this may truly be another eye symbol.

I can only think of one analogy that fits: t'hat of absolute surprise.' The idiomatic phrase used here was told me by a gentleman from Texcoco. He said "Mis ojos son cuadrados!" about something amazing that he had just witnessed.  I did not think it was so amazing but he seemed to. And he explained it in such a way that he understood it as a very old idiomatic phrase from his homeland.

    Such "square eyes" are found on a stela of Izapa, which is shown on Stela 22 as an over-sized glyph called "the raising of the sky." the sky is tilted at 23.5 degrees. The serpents that surround the raised sky all have square cornered eyes, similar to the one above. What was so amazing?  The "birth of those eyes called "serpent coils" of the sun god or was it the catastrophe of the ages, which even today strikes fear in all humanity?

     It might be interesting to trace this event further within the glyphs and the codices that are available.