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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Florida Sinkhole Maps as an Aside

Sinkholes in Florida
      Earlier I wrote about Florida's sinkholes when a sleeping gentleman lost his bedroom and his life. No maps were available at that time, but the one above turned up on a Google search after a Disney World hotel at Clermont crumbled in a 300 foot hole that was 15 feet deep.

     The above map is scary to say the least, even if each dot is miles apart and only clustered because the map is tiny. One other map is just as frightening. How can anyone stay in the state or even visit it with such a barrage of holes showing up so unexpectedly all the time.
An almost black and white version of the above map
     A third map shows the counties involved.
But not all these are sinkholes
Why worry?  The damage has already been done. Good insurance will take care of the rest. H.m.m.m.m.  So we have all quiet on the eastern front.