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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Secret of the Four Ages of the Sun Part I I

Secret of the Sun Stone
[How "Maize" became a God]
By D. M. Urquidi
Maize God in Middle of Canoe going to Northern Climes
and the disaster mentioned by the Four Ages of the Sun
The Aztec Sun Stone is an amazing calendar about two Fire Serpent gods who reigned in the Heavens. Now is the time to enter the Four Ages of the Sun Stone [“Cuauhxicalli” = Eagle’s Bowl[] exhibited at the INAH museum in Mexico City. The INAH museum produced an excellent  brochure, both in English and Spanish, of every aspect of the Sun Stone.

At this point, four coincidences with Maya Popol Vuh should be considered as a proper comparison with the Sun Stone. The journey of the Maize God The Maiz God, who is the heat of the sun traveled to earth from the sky to create sustenance for the people and should never be ignored. The main reason for this assumption is that the Sky is universal. Linda Schele,called the event, Star Wars. The premise was that many of the Maya stelae had information about a sky battle when the planet Venus was prominent in the heavens.

Many such conclusions have been based upon the 1950 book Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovski. It was he who misconstrued the battle in the sky with the Greek/Roman Aphrodite (Venus) and Aries (Mars) who crossed the orbit of our own planet Earth in an impossible journey. A journey which actually was a constellatlon/planet event. The journey included the voyage when Venus was retrograde in the sky.
Possibly, they meet just after the eastern version of Venus begins to pass behind the sun as Orion is also dropping in the east: a nice neat sky observation and a great story for night travelers to remember at a certain time of year.

Velikovsky’s version has held adults and young teens interested enough to explore such possibilities for almost sixty-six years. Venus being the more prominent retrograde entity was chosen as the most likely candidate to have collided with something during some pre-recorded century in the past.

Computer programs such as Voyager, suddenly became available for sky calculations by anyone with the click of a button. That search is still going on and papers abound with coefficients and the mod units that make it all seem more reasonable to date such improbable astronomy  with numeric accuracy. After all, if NASA can reach the Moon and Mars, why is it not possible? There must be some secret in numbers.

The secret is not in the numbers; instead it is plainly stated in the Popol Vuh which misleads the reader only a little bit. The translations of the Popol Vuh are also accurate. Even Dennis Tedlock could see that there were astronomy statements; valid astronomy statements that seemed to be obtuse or as hidden as the first part of the Popol Vuh stated clearly below:

“as enlightened beings, in enlightened words. We shall write about this now
amid the preaching of God in Christendom now. We shall it it out because there is no longer:
a place to see it, a Council Book,
a place to see ‘The Light That Came from
       Beside the Sea.’
the account of ‘Our Place in the Shadows.’
a place to see ‘The Dawn of Life.’
 “There is the original book and ancient writing by the one who reads and assesses it  has [or they have] a hidden identity.”

[It ts my belief that there is an error in reading the Aztec version of the Ages of the Sun, NOT because they have been mis-translated but instead because they are accurate and historically true in what they tell us about the two Fire Serpent Gods and their day/night sky battle. The story also matches the events as they are detailed within the Maya Popol Vuh.]

 Grabilla screen capture: 2016-12-24 13:38:05
Aztec Sun Stone

Please note that I have restructured the Ages for the First Age of the Sun to match the history in the Popol Vuh,] Such astronomy was detailed from the birth of the star, [which turned from white as the moon to blue then to red], when the Twin Comets were self-conceived from the spittle of the Skull-shaped Nebula in the Tree [the Milky Way] to the time of their constellation births. A false statement of their birth; however, rhat statement was such to remind us of the return of the comet in 2012.

Since these four glyphs are read in a circular format, they read them in the wrong at the mistaken starting point in time.. The geological assumption that the first age was in the Geological Quaternary Era. Of course, there were flora and fauna (meaning coral reefs and fish remains on top of the mountains, if the stone that hit the Caribbean Sea was three of four miles wide thought to be 65 million years ago. Yet, if human did emerge only as people who could speak only with "ugh's "and "huh's"

How could they have recorded the event to accurately, even to the survivors in he caves and their condition after they left the caves once the comet disappeared, It was the Astronomers who had predicted that the Great Star (the Comet pair) would arise in the West and meet our normal Sun in the middle of the Sky.

Where did such education occur during the Quaternary Era. Spacemen already speaking Maya dialects? Utter Nonsense!!. So take the time to try the following version and check it again Tikal Steal 31, La Mojarra's Stelal One. and quite a few other stele and Codices that describe the events in this manner:


The Four Ages
Ehecatonatiuh First Age of the Sun  [676 years]

First [Second] Age of the Sun [Sun of the Wind]

Ehecatonatiuh “The First [Second] Epoch at the  end of which humanity was destroyed by srong winds. The gods. . .transformed human beings into Apes, in order that they might cling better and not be carried away by the hurricanes. Thus, originating the similarity between human beings and the Simians…”
This is because large forests had been razed by tornadoes.

We recognize comets in our stratosphere, with a great wind which had occurred near Mount Rainer in our northwestern States in 13th September 2008. Apparently Southern Canada, Washington and Oregon, only heard the roaring wind, [children thought was T-Rex of movie fame roaring and stomping on the ground] and the sudden light at 5 am. But the destructive elements, if any, were never publically recorded. But recently, over Russia one eated differently. Everyone’s cell phone recorded many aspects of the event which included, windows set in metal frames of office buildings, being twisted and shattered by the great wind that accompanied the comet’s journey across the land.

Nevertheless, no Russian became a monkey as had been narrated in the Popol Vuh. (Tedlock, 1986, 104-08). The wind, the monkeys and the Comet Quetzalcoatl was drawn for an official record named the Vaticanus 3738. Lamina VI  includes the Father/Mother of all Creation, mentioned by Sahagún in his Book Seven, Chapter III, No.1.

The Aztec names of the Creator gods; Yoaultecutli, [Yacauitztli] (Lord of the Night) and Yohuaticitli, (Goddess of Oracles and Mother of all Children) (Sahagún, 1956, 262) Tedlock gave the Maya names of the midwife, matchmaker: Xpiyacoc, Xmucane.(Tedlock, 1996, 63)

It should be noted these two came with the Sovereign Serpent (Quetzalcoatl) but are not mentioned before his presence in the sky.. This is in agreement with the Vaticanus version, even though the Father/Mothers appear to have been in existence long enough to enter the caves. Neither Quetzalcoatl nor the old couple appeared in Lamina V, only in Lamina VI.  The inference could be considered “magic” in a primitive drawing or as “an incomplete statement” which “readers” and “accessers” would explain as they read the pictures

In the 1883 translation of the History of the Mexicans, as told by their Paintings [i.e., Codex Ramirez, the pre-existence of Quetzalcoatl before the Father/Mother entities is confirmed.  Quetzalcoatl was the third son of the main god Tonacatecli, and Vchilob (Huitzilopochtl) as his youngest child born without flesh, only bones. The children lived 600 years. All acquired different names according to the dialects of different  communities.” (First Chapter, p. 616)

I believe the first age of the Sun later 676 years.{Leon-Portilla) Only Tlaloc and his wife had different year spans, except if one adds their years together they also add up to 676 years. So the comet passed three times,. . . . until the last burning red sun "hat was "not the sun. we see" came from the west to "mirror" itself in the sky at noon while traveling eastwards.

After six hundred years+/- had passed, the last two gods created a man called Vxumuco and a woman, Çipastonal. (Chapter 2nd p. 617) (Phillips, 1883, pp. 1-2)  The names of the Mexican man and woman are similar to the Popol Vuh version. This brings us to the Second Age of the Sun:

First half of the Second Age of the Sun  (364 years)
First Half of the Second [Third] Age of the Sun: [Sun of Fire (Resin or Turpentine) Rain]

Quiahuntonatiuh: “The Second [Third] cosmologonic Epoch in which everything was extinguished by the rain of lava and fire. Men were transformed at this time into birds. Thus, saving themselves from the slaughter. . .”  They justified this belief due to the many signs of volcanic activities in our territory and also on account of the discovery of huts and skeletons under the lava and ashes.

First point in this Age of the Sun is that Lava does not rain from the sky, if flows out of the mountain called a volcano. Rain is inferred because Tlaloc is the primary icon used for this era. However, Tlaloc is explained further in the Mexican History as Tlalocatecli, as the god of benign waters used in agriculture, with good rains and bad thunder which included lightning rains. The translation in the 1883 History  gives the age of the first sun as 13 times 52 years, equals 676 as the life of the first Age of the Sun. Which is now being translated wrongly into the Trecena [of Swindon farming methods] adopted by the Maya after the disaster.

Since this is Post-Bishop Noriega y Guerra’s time, we must refer to his observations about the calendars glyphs. They were explained in the Gazettes Veytia being published in 1821 by the Spanish government of Nueva Espaňa. His Despedida was written in 1802 when he became a secular person.  He was well-traveled, was imprisoned by the Inquisition six times but escaped each time. His death was December 3, 1827.
In his Despedida he mentioned he had read about the Mexican calendar researched by Gama [who said] “. . .thatt the explanation of the Mexican Calendar was erased, and it is full of crude mistakes.” (Noriega, 1821, 16) The Veytia calendars, printed at the same time, were the last ones that attempted to correct the “crude mistakes” by emphasizing the 360 day count for a year; creating one that added the five extra days at the bottom of a 360 day calendar.
The above is important to know, but is only a reference to the changes in the image of Tlaloc of the Second, not the Third Age of the Sun or World.. Mary Miller and Karl Taube discovered that during the first Trecena called Quiahuitl, Tlaloc presided over the Sun 4 Quiahuitl, the Sun of Rain, when the World was destroyed by a fiery rain. (Miller and Taube,  1993, 166)

Tlaloc was in the History of the Mexicans, described as the giver of useful rains, for crops with some thunder and lightning being produced by his dwarf servants. Gentle rains of Spring that would bring all good things. Yet, the description of most claimed that it was Tlaloc who delivered the Rain of Resin [or of Turpentine] that burned as it fell on all; animals and humans alike.
This brings us back to the Popol Vuh and the “rain of resin” (1996, 71) or “of Turpentine.” (1996, 235). Both were the same burning rain, described by Tedlock’s informer, Andréa Xiloj who said:  
“This was turpentine that fell and it was burning as it fell.”
Which seems to agree with the IKOR of the Greek/Turkish version. The Popol Vuh tells us a second time that men were running for their lives, when the three hearthstones flew into the air....(Or maybe "shooting into the sky" was a much more interesting tale than "falling from the sky which could not be proven in the early years of Geology.)

Animals ran into the homes of the Maya and threatened them.  They tried to climb on the roofs of the houses, [probably the garrets where the animals could not get them]. But the houses collapsed under them, They then ran for the forest, but the trees threw them off (1996, 72) . . .they ran again for the caves, but the caves slammed shut in their faces. (1996, 73).  

The burning rains came again in Part IV. only  this time it was “painted wasps and yellow jackets.”. (1996, 169) The stingers of such insects a person might consider that the stings burned.  A ruler died by the the the wasp and yellow jacket stings.  The people of  god Tohil, then under his orders, filled ollas [jars] full of the wasps and yellow jackets. They marched to the citadel where the wooden carvings were placed on the walls as  warrior decoys.  The ollas were opened and all inside the citadel died by the insect stings; except, of course the wooden manikins who had no blood or muscle, only dried skin and bones. This is just the second half of the first story of the rains of resin before the great waves covered the mountain-tops.

[Even the wooden manikins were destroyed.] (1996, 172)   The Fifth (probably only the Fourth Sun, since Tlaloc and his wife combined the second and third years to create another 676 years) The Aztec Sun Stone itself, came before (?) the “carving of the wooden warriors” (Tedlock, 1996, 162) Really? I believe between pages 112 and 103, the Madrid Codex, showed us a different sequence.

The manikins, who did not literally die in the battle of the wasps and yellow jackets had a brief respite The burning, stinging insects were instead, the “rains of resin” [or “turpentine”] . . . . . as the Turkish word ICHOR [also IKOR or IYCHOR] of Homer's ILIAD was transferred to the Aztec and Maya lands as "burning rains." [ICHOR only means "long burning cinders"]
The wooden Manikins, were toasted to skin and bones, but these figures were found by Querétero residents and finally put into a museum in that city.

Second half of the Second Age of the Sun

Chalchuitlque, Wife of Tlaloc, 364 + 312 = 676
the Second Half of the SECOND AGE of the SUN
Second Half of the [Third] Age of the Sun:  [Sun of Water]

Atonatiuh “Means the Third [Fourth] Epoch, at the end of which everything perished because of terrific storms and torrential rains that covered the earth reaching the peaks of the highest mountains. The Gods changed men into fishes to save them from the universal deluge….”  The discovery of fossilized species of marine fauna on the top of the mountains, created the basis for this belief. The Waters of Chalchuihtlicue “. . . caused terrific storms and torrential rains that covered the earth reaching the peaks of the highest mountains.”

Then behind the people fleeing the burning ash [here called IYCHOR, [a Turkish word meaning “long lasting hot burning ash”, [i.e. from the "burning rains of Tlaloc] . . . [Greenland claimed THREE great waves of water arrived] The three waves of sea water wiped clean the Carolina beaches, leaving great holes in the interior. BUT there was no detrius of the comet fall-outs. The second and third Waves took the detrius (debris) away as they returned to the ocean seas from whence they had come.) Were there only three great waves of a tsunami; nothing more?

In the History of the Mexicans there is a mixed version of the story. Tlaloc was supposed to be the Sun but his wife took the role instead. ON the other hand, Huitzilopochtli became the god of water. Definitely a very butchered version of gods and Creation stories. No matter how hard the Maya tried to tell the story of the disaster, those who wrote it out had to explain it in "educated terminology." There was no reason to do so. The result was many necessary symbolic descriptions were lost.

In Greek and Latin manuscripts the excuse was, "the [original] author did not have the proper equipment;" or "the author did not know anything about the area." Don't know what was used for the Maya versions. Nevertheless, It created the same dysfunctional texts as the original handwritten manuscripts of the Middle Ages.

Nevetheless, Bonampak had a ceremony after the great waves receded. Although, the walls show the remains of a great battle with names of the wounded on the steps of the palace, the survivors may have been, those recovered from the flooded lands, gasping for air, on the steps of the palace. . . . Thankful to be alive.

The great claws of the lobsters worn as victory symbols, . . . the raucous noise of  the winds through a long “trumpet” which sounded the same frightening roar of the comet passing overhead?” Seems more of the memory indicated than a battle between tribes.

It was also here that Tohil and his helpers, were turned to stone by the Third sun. They were hidden in the mountains for safe keeping.

The waters that reached the mountain tops washed over them. Any person caught in the rising waters, would have been thrown over the mountainsides and stopped on either side. , . by rocks, ravines or just plain luck, close enough to the caves. The Man of Clay (actually a woman created of bullrushes in Part I. A woman with a twisted neck who attempted to talk, but could only speak in garbled sounds. In the Popol Vuh, she, the woman with no form; no name, who attempted to speak to those emerging from the caves. She failed; and slowly sank back into the slime. (Tedlock, 1996, 69)]  

The Sun hovered too close to the earth, so that any fish, lobsters, etc, of the sea; dead animals, serpents, or persons were literally dried to a crisp after the waters receded. Later, some of these dried bodies were found and placed in a museum at Queretero. Maximon may be one of them. The Manikins were not made of wood, they were real people of flesh and bone who had not listened to the astronomer/calendar readers. Those who had listened were still in the caves.
Fourth Age of the Sun    [676 years]
NOT the FIRST AGE of the SUN but the THIRD Age of a SUN
Fourth [First] Age of the Sun”  [Sun of the Jaguar]

Ocelotonatiuh  “was the Fourth [First] and least [most] remote of the Four Cosmogonic Epochs; in which the giants who had been created by the Gods, lived. They did not till the soil and lived in caves. Ate wild fruits and roots, and were finally attacked and devoured by the Jaguars….” The basic epoch of the Aztecs goes back to the Quatngbernary, since they discovered bones of pre-Diluvian animals buried in deep gullies below dense Lithospheric [Earth turned to stone] Layers.

The perception of what could be correct about this Age of the Sun is only in its position as the First Age. It has not been taken into account the effects of  great waves of water that was thrown up over the mountain tops by the fallout of great stones carried by the comet.

After the waters receded and the mud settled down and living in houses was about to begin. However, it was found that no one could yet go outside during the day. The sun was much too bright.

Eric J. Thompson, (1970, 344) found  “. . . .an old Kekchi woman who attributed skulls in a cave near Coban to people lviing there before the creation of the sun. As they. . . .(wrote). . . it in the ancient texts. “The visible sun is not the real one.” [Tedlock (1986, 161)] when the blazing sun appeared they stayed in the caves. “By day, they made pots; at night, they came to the surface.” It was because the light [was too bright for them during the day] they could not see.”  

How could she have known such tales if she had not lived 65 million years ago? Her detail was not imagination, it was what she had lived and learned.

A's for "pre-Diluvian animals buried in deep gullies below dense Lithospheric" [Earth turned to stone] Layers. There have been mammoth bones by the rivers in Russia; near a school in Illinois; near the IBM building in Austin, Texas built along the River, but that particular bone or bones could not be dated.

The assumption of the Quaternary Age of Geology was not a proven science when the Aztec Sun Stone was recovered bu INAH before 1952. When Carbon 14 was proven to be somewhat effective in determining. ancient was much later when other dating methods for rocks and ashes were mote effective with the aid of atomic and now even more complex methods of dating earth forms

That which mist be remembered is the waves went over the mountains. The mountains did not emerge from under the waters of the sea.

There was no Carbon 14 residue that could be determined with the old equipment. No one has considered doing such a study now that such measuring devices have gotten much more accurate. I wonder why? Did the Iridium layer over the Cretaceous upset the old Geology [guesstimates] measurements and they became obsolete? Good enough. We don't know ancient history, except that which has been recorded. Guesstimates are fine: For Now!

Back to the Pool Vuh: The men in the caves figured they could go to their homes at night. They would reclaim their lands, and rebuild their houses, as well as they could so their wives and children could go home.

The men who went to their old farms by themselves were attacked by the jaguars who also were very hungry. They did not have the ability to hoard food for the bad times. So the result was night time prowling for human food. . . .. that was all that was available when the men of the caves came to their muddy slime-covered farmlands. The men who had gone with companions were able to fend off the attacks of the jaguars. Others learned to do the same.
The cave people ate the “sinte’ that had been fodder for their animals before. They had to eat also. All the crops in the milpas had been destroyed. In the extreme heat “sinte” became a miracle food called popcorn. Hence "sinte" became "teosinte" god's corn; the God corn that emerged from the greatly heated earth. What roots and growing things the survivors could find were also eaten.

"Sinte" was soon was called “Teo-sinte.” It came about because of the extreme heat when the Fourth pass of the Sun/Comet’s gift of such heat caused the sinte to produce edible popcorn and saved the lives of the cave survivors. They were thankful to the Maize God for his bounty. Yet, they still had to continue to live in the caves because the heat was so intense, [Read, Kaye A. VI-21-34].

The Secret of the Ages of the Sun is only that we ARE IN THE FOURTH AGE OF THE SUN Which was born when the people could leave the caves and live in their own homes.

Whether it be a hurricane, or a tornado or any other type of disaster, like an ordinary rain storm over a mountain stripped of its trees that hold the soil with its roots, the effect is always a great mud layer that can wipe out whole communities at once.

The Secret of the Sun Stone, is nothing more complicated than taking one story, with homonyms and creating another with analogies of similar adjectives and nouns.  It is the only way a secret containing words can be hidden. All it is, is a quick mix-up and a very erudite person who has a large vocabulary of many words in many different languages, or dialects: i.e. homonyms and analogies etc.

The people of the Popol Vuh and those of the Aztec Seven Caves, and all those cave stories around the world that tell of the supplies the cave dwellers took with them before the caves were sealed.  They should tell you something about when these people left the safety of the caves. The amount of food supplies and fuels could not have lasted as long as their stay in the caves.

People have to cook. They also have to eat. How long did the catastrophe last? Does anyone really know?  The Popol Vuh, in Part IV gives us a good idea of a time element. Those who followed Tohil "were ragged and so hungry they had to pretend their staffs had an odor of food." (Tedlock, 1996, 158) The whole story of their misery----being without homes, without food and the later witchcraft insertion of 16th century European design [suckling under the arm for blood]-----is told in its entirety in Part IV. (1996, 149-175).

Quetzalcoatl, as the Sovereign Serpent of the Popol Vuh, and who was the Fourth Sun became the new ruler of the world.(1996, 161) There is nothing of the Quaternary Era. When the deeper mud of the ocean floor had poured over the mountains, it created a false layer of geology. Age in geology had been quessed at for quite some time. When Carbon 14 was finally created in 1952 or so, and made usable in and around 1952, it was a break-through, but previous assumed dates were still retained.

The charts in the older geology books claimed that 100 BC was 600 years off while 100 AD had an accurate date based upon burned bread of Pompey. Now we have better dating procedures. We know about the exact orbit of the earth [360 degrees around]and how the earth spins in a complete cycle every 24 hours but when it got tilted[ it added a bit of a 5.25 degrees to each 24 hour spin of our earth.]

We now have a difference in our weather patterns because our sun roams between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn------because of that shift in our spin-----a whole 47 degree difference. No wonder our winters are cold; well, almost freezing, but not like the North and South Poles; thank heavens.

Yet, no one sees that the spin was once altered by a very sudden “Climate Change;”  even when that “change" was proven to be so rapid that fresh food was found in the stomachs of the great beasts found by the rivers in Russia. In fact, a dinner of the unfrozen flesh of those animals was said to be a tasty success.

Since the Cretaceous Era can never be settled definitively, any layers above or below are still based upon excellent, but not always accurate guesstimates. The Iridium layer over the Cretaceous has to be “star dust,” not from the earth, but from the passing stone-dropping comet, One of which was Xolotl of the Quetzalcoatl pair. Other god pairs sent down a different named stone.

A few centuries later, Star Wars was identified by LInda Schele. She had problems with convincing her peers that the event was a true disaster. Nevertheless, she helped to decode stelae found in Maya lands. It was the beginning of knowledge.  Her efforts were what made it happen.

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