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Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Connection with India?

Madrid Codex, M-19
Churning the Milk Sea in Vedic Astronomy
          When I first saw this pen and ink picture in the Vedic Astronomy of R. L. Thompson, I thought it was a fake drawing.

   However, when I checked out my copy of I.V. Kno-rozou's, drawings from 1963 Mr. Thompson had only altered the two gods at the top, on either side of the turtle.

          He had added rain from the fiery collar of death bells, that had been confirmed as fire by the same short lines at the top of his head-dress. It seems that the two sets of short lines indicates the Old Fire God as Vega in the constellation Lyra; once the turtle constellation used by Hermes in his musical sky battle with Apollo.

          Yax, as a glyph meaning green, blue or center, would have agreed with the Indian version of churning the Milky Way as the comets)\[the demons and gods] at the bottom pulling the serpent back and forth as in the previous pages of the Madrid Codex between M-12 to M-18.

          The God at the beginning on M-12 had a headdress similar to the YAX glyph found on M-19 in the Middle of the turtle on the top of the platform [or pillar as in a similar painting in India of Vishnu],  the god who turned into a turtle avatar of Shiva. As a result the sea of Milk [the Milky Way] churned faster than before, indicated by the uneven count of days for each of the serpents between  M-12 to M-18.

          In pictures of Krishna, they are always shown that Krishna's skin is blue.The most popular picture is when he took the saris of the women that were bathing in the water and hung them all in a tree, where he sat and waited for them to look for their clothing.

          It was not a magical but an earthy way to show that the Milky Way had become two branches as seen from the earth, but it was still only one view of the galactic spiral where our earth spins around the sun in its, [now 365 day] orbit.

           The concept of a new Milky Way is located in many myths around the world, even in the Popol Vuh of the Maya when they say that the 400 boys [actually 1,000's] that were slain by Zipnac followed the Twins, Hunapu and Xbalenque, to the sky as their Milky Way Star companions.

         Not only does the Madrid Codex show that the stars went back and forth, but also the Hopi were very explicit in  the ninth prophecy about the same event. Their ninth prophecy is actually the only way, with missionary interference, that the Hopi could retain the memory of their history as they entered the caves in the mesas.

          Were these stories carried to India, or did India see the same recreation of the Milky Way as the rest of the world?

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