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Saturday, January 19, 2013

If the original story is not known. . .? ? ? ?

Vega within Asteroid Belt
Image credit: NASA/JPL-Calte\
 01/19/13  I just ran into a web news article entitled: Vega- Two Belts and the Possibility of Planets 
from the NASA  Spitzer Space Telescope, associated with many Hubble sky photos that have been amazing, to say the least, [even though all seem to be lab enhanced].

     The article, only as a tiny blurb, attached to a picture from NASA [See above] but the text refused to come in as a believable reference. The comment refers to a newly discovered asteroid belt around Vega while the one furtherest from that star is a cooler, well-known belt that only contains comets. The inference is that when and if, the warm and the cooler elements will migrate together, they would create an active "nursery" for baby stars.. However, 
"Astronomers think that the gap in the Vega system may be filled with planets, as is the case in our solar system. 
     The propotions for such a possible scenario is a 1:10 ratio that is also a ratio for our own galaxy, even though Vega was never considered as a galaxy center before. Well, that may be fine for speculation, but it is not an option to speculate until one knows the complete story about Vega. There is a possibility that the story could explain both the asteroid and the comet belts around that star. The story is contained in a mythic journey of the Twins to a place known as Xibalba. the Underworld. 

     However, that story is said only to be one of many Creation myths around the world, most of which are used as religious bases for the cultures in which they are found. Such myths are supposed to be "primitive" and cannot be accepted as stellar confirmation through the proper discipline of modern astronomy.

     Nevertheless, one aspect of the belt of comets and the newly proposed asteroid belt, point not  only to the nearby Ring Nebula with its strange shape: that of a beautiful rose, but  that Nebula is also located in the constellation Lyra, very close to Vega. 

    Now, I know I gave NASA, one of my books, and apparently, there is now quite a bit coming over the WEB from NASA that seems to refute what I have said, or seems to be a one-upmanship. I have no problem with their conclusions, but I do wish they would connect to facts instead of imagined and supposed  activities of stars that they are not old enough to follow from centuries back.

      The only people I know who have traced the stars for centuries, are the Babylonians, those from India and the Maya, together with the Aztecs, and a few other Meso-American and North American entities.  The one I know best is the Hopi prophecy [really,  a Prophecy?] The Popol Vuh, as an astro-creation story completely agrees with the data contained in the "prophecy." Yet, it is really not a prophecy of the future. Instead, since the other eight "prophecies are actual historic statements of our changes in our desert lands in the southwest,  It is and always has been the very first historic event, that the Popol Vuh recorded accurately.

      Even so, there seems to be absolute faith in a Hopi version of a disaster that happened centuries ago. It now also has a pseudo-historic notation made, as an after-thought, whenever that prophecy is described.  That odd statement is that Hopi children come from the Ring Nebula, the nova that exploded in the VII century. Only, the Hopi called it a planet, . . .  or the translator did. . . . to prove what? That there are many people in our world who want changes but do not know how to ask for them? 

     Since Greenwich has verified that nebula never was a planet, the only way anyone could have come from that star was, when the boy met the girl of his dreams out under the stars, where the blue star as bright and lovely, . . . .and, oops,. . . the girl got pregnant.  Later, when young children asked where they came from,  Well, gee whiz, there is not a father or mother in their right mind who would tell their children about sex at that early stage. Some parents tell their children, that momma swallowed an watermelon seed, or some other neat little reason that her girth is getting wider. 

     One would assume that the young couple loved their children. Their memory of  that night when the blue star in the sky was impressive; why would they not have remembered that night  and later when the children were born, the story the new parents decided to tell their offspring was that he/she came from a certain beautiful star in the sky. When the child asked which sttar? The Ring Nebula would be pointed out. . . . Why not make it a lovely story for the child? So much for aliens from outer space!

? Don't we say, in our modern languages, that the child was given to us by the Fairies, by God, or by one of his angels, but never as a virgin-birth. That birth event is reserved for the Gods.

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