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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Birth of the Twin Comets

The more one knows about the twin comets of the Popol Vuh, the more magical they become. And the less realistic. They became the TWINS who went to Xibalba to play ball with the gods of the underworld. Was it the Underworld, or was it the world UNDER the Equator,  where, in Mesoamerica, it was known as the place where the stars are viewed in an upside-down position (As in the Bodley Codex, p. 26, r1 where Three Dog began his journey away from home. [Illustrated by the upside down star-viewing cross=sticks under his path.]

Was Three Dog a person learning triangulation of stars at "Observation Hill on the Sandy River," or was he a comet [illustrated by the half sun on his back just below [in R-2] called the venus glyph.] What we really want to know is where did the Twin comets come from.  The Popol Vuh is very explicit. The father played the game first in Xibalba and died. However, instead of disappearing as as dead entities usually do, his "head" was removed and it was hung in a tree in the sky.

NASA identified NGC7000 as another nebula. This nebula has the appearance of a head covered in cinnabar (thanks to the spectroscopic evaluation of NASA) and it has an "open" mouth. The Twins of the PV are said to have been spat out of the mouth of the father's skull into the hand of Blood Moon.

What better illusion for such an event than a nebula that was seen in the sky near Deneb of the Summer Triangle when the twin comets from the "Hand of God" nebula sped through the mouth of NGC7000 and whizzed past the nova that was as red and as large as the shining moon-like star next to Vega, "the Old Fire God," in the constellation Lyra.

Are we off-track? I don't think so. Just as "all roads lead to Rome," so too do all ancient astronomy events lead to a double comet, one, soaring over the earth, with a tail full of debris from the disintegrating nova, until it finally fell to into the ocean/sea/well/river or on top of homes and forests.
Just as it was in the earlier post:

The fourth and last: Flood:  A water-filled gourd broke on the top of a mountain.  Its 
                                        contents "rushed down from the hill-top over  the valleys 
                                        fields At first, it was like a little lake, then like a river, 
                                        then it became a great sea that engulfed the land ;I the red 
                                        man with all its cities and all its marvels." It was here that 
                                        a man of clay "that the water could dissolve" died.

All disciplines were involved, geography, cartography with its upside-down maps and crude symbolic descriptions, mathematics, calendars of various ancient cultures, architectural orientations, monuments with inscriptions, ancient archaeology and manuscriptsgeology, oceanography, seismology, ancient astronomy records and their strange conflicting descriptions, but more importantly all myths found in religious texts that include a sudden surge of water and/or the dropping of great stones into water together, with the addition of five extra day to the year. Some disciplines have all the components, but usually most only contain a few of the elements necessary to complete the story of the greatest catastrophic event in the world

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