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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Paddler Gods And Their Transportation

       Are the Tikal Bones giving us more information than is expected? Do the Fisherfolk of the Milky Way (estuary) have any purpose, or were they just a notice to the readers of the glyphs that the waters where the canoe is located, is part of the god-world of the stars?
Fig. 01:  MT 51A. Canoe breaking up going forward;
Fig. 02: MT 38D
Fig. 03:  MT 38C. Canoe breaking up moving backward  ards
Fig. 04: D-MT 51B
Fig. 05: MT 38B. Half-drowned gods recovering in the boat,
Fig. 06:  Fig 07:  F-MT 38A.  The new boat with recovered gods.

[All six bones can be found in Kelley, (1977, 234-5) Fig 80]

     Who supplied an alternate transport for the travelers? The Paddler Gods are no longer in the broken canoe which moved forward and then backward  (to and fro) the same direction as the Milky Way when  it broke apart.

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